What happened to Wonder Woman?

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Ok. So in the 40's, Wonder Woman was introduced to comics and she was seen to be beautiful but also strong. I remembered watching a documentary on superheroes and they did a segment on her character. In the 40's she was portrayed as just as strong if not stronger than Superman and she also had cool adventures such as: going to other universes to free the oppressed and also she was seen fighting monsters of myth. I mean, I know this is a new century and the times have changed but I think DC has messed up with making her date Superman( She, to me, loses her independence) and making her weaker than her Golden Age counterpart.What has happened to her?!

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In New 52, my guess is super heroes will change partners often so I won't worry too much about the temporary hookup of Superman and wonder woman. New 52 Wonder Woman seems to be still as strong as Superman and Green Lantern so I won't worry about the lack of powers of Wonder Woman. In New 52, Wonder Woman is now a god like the old John Byrne god of truth version so Wonder Woman might even be more powerful than Superman and Wonder Woman has no stupid or arbitrary weakness like kryptonite.

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As you said its a new century, so things change. Wonder Woman was at the time of her creation supose to be a role for girls and young women, but that is no longer the case. Those stories of her traveling to other universes and fighting monsters of myth is outdated. And I think that the all powerful superhero is fading out. Thats what has happened to WW. Also I dont like the power couple thing either, and will most likely damage her as a character.

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So WW is a lesser character just because she is in a relationship?

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@x_29 said:

So WW is a lesser character just because she is in a relationship?

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@jobbernos: I'm not saying she is a lesser character. But what I am saying is that because she's in the relationship with Superman she isn't the same, in my opinion. I just nervous that it will turn into the Steve Trevor "kick" of the 50's where all he wanted to do was marry her and WW would consider giving up her powers to be with him or nervous that she would not be seen as a equal in the Justice League because she is with Superman.

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Yeah I don't think that's a direction anyone is even remotely considering.

Relationships do change people.

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@GolDEnsPectre: Do you not read her ongoing? WW is potentially stronger then everybody on the JL
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She is becoming Superman's girlfriend in jl. This is happening because they are too similar.

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The OP's premise doesn't hold up.

It blames the new relationship with Superman for the changes in Wonder woman BUT those changes were there in the Pre-Crisis/Post-FP era, as well. The fact is that the 40's were over 70+ years ago and things have changed for nearly every character from that era. After all, Superman's not casually blowing out stars now, is he? Batman's not having the same crazy adventures he was during the Silver Age, is he? Nope. So, it's not just Diana this has happened to.

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