what feats have Hippolyta done as ww?

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I know she serve as wonder woman during the who is donna troy ark, and in our worlds at war story, where she sacrifice herself to save millions, but what else has she done as wonder woman. In our worlds at war story I saw a picture of wonder woman as a member of the team and the original members of the team said lets go see our girl(possibly the were goin to honor their fallen comrade at her grave), also there are more pictures of ww on the jsa but it cant be diana because she was always on the jla not the jsa. so what has Hippolyta done as wonder woman?

#2 Posted by WDW (1520 posts) - - Show Bio

She chopped of someones arm. That's one I know

#3 Posted by a88378438 (3420 posts) - - Show Bio

look like she beat herc in arm wresting..

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