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I'm working on a story. Here it bit of it.

Here the story

Wonder Woman meets a force prostitute while in Germany. She saves her and discovers that the girl could be a great ally for her and the army. Her father is a Nazi officer who want to save his daughter so he was force to send his wife to Egypt and leave his daughter. After coming back to the USA base she discover Etta is stress because of the fact Etta in love with Steve. Etta is an officer who because she one of the *few women in that base she and all the women are giving a free college education *if they finish high and high education. She is the leader of the Holiday girls. Diana with all her heart decide to give up on steve and becomes his friend instead. After the war had end wonder uses her jet to send Frieda home in Egypt. Frieda see her mother. Sense something wrong wonder woman follow. Wonder Woman is lead to The Amazons of Bana Mighall . Circe is control the Bana Mighall to become their queen. She was able to control by using The Bana Mighall hate of The Amazons of Themyscira to she advance. She killed Frieda to steal her soul to seal it in a key. The Bana Mighall attack Diana because she try to attack Circe. She soon relize the only way to stop force Circe before she could she sent them all to Themyscira. She was then force to unleash the Bana Mighall when wonder woman command her to. Yet the Bana Midhall were still angry. Artemis try to make them stop but since she was kid they didn't. The Bana Midhall were about the same amount of people because Circe what to to be immortal so she could feed off of their hate. She was able to open the gate and was able to unleash her full power since her and Hades first wife combine there soul. She was able to over throw Hades and rule The underworld. She could now harm gods. She transport the amazons to Tartarus, Where she made a deal with Wonder Woman if she could defeat she will let all the amazons freed and their fell sisters. All the amazons were starting to be affect the all they start all them hatred start to magnify the longer they stayed in Tartarus. They want her die. Wonder Woman had no choose. Frieda was being control by Circe since Circe take control of the underworld. Circe revealed to Wonder Woman she must kill her. Wonder Woman didn't want to but another amazon from the Bana Midhall did. Circe wasn't pleased by while Circe had her guard down she command her to let all the amazons go and their felling sisters. Diana was left heartbrokening. The Bana Midhall showed no remorse yet a deal was a deal the amazons felt a respect for one another and allow them to stay. Frieda was barley a live and wonder woman told Frieda she loved her. She told Frieda that the only way to open the Doom Gate was to kill a amazons most precious person who not a amazon. She told her that the fact that Circe overthrow Hades shown that her love was something more. Wonder Woman broke down and complete to cry not wanting to part with the body. She could used the purple ray but it wouldn't work. The 6 goddess Aphrodite, Athena,Demeter,Hestia,Iris, and Artemis congratulations wonder woman of able to stop herself from getting in to her hatred. Wonder Woman reply at what cost. Told her this is a rebirth moment for wonder woman that. She was able to show that she can held hew birth powers. So they unlock Diana full powers. Diana ask that the goddess being back her love. The goddess said that couldn't because she is not her their faith. That wonder Woman needs to talk to her god. Wonder Woman wasn't able to do to her faith. She had to accept the fact She wasn't coming back. Diana was able to keep her ageless but she would give it up to see her. Artemis of Bana Midhall felt bad. After Wonder Woman buried her body in her Father homeland. Artemis was able to find a way for Frieda to come back. Wonder Woman still on the island to train her new abilities. Giving flight,and speed by Isis. The love and Beauty by Aphrodite, As wise as Athena, As Strong as the earth and Quick Healing by Demeter , The fire f truth by Hestia and Enhanced senses and sight with the abilities to communication with animals with by Artemis.

*Athena created Diana Prince Identity* but I'm open to ideas . What do u guys think

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