What did you love about WW?

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For those who think the new 52 WW(in her own book as there are 2 different versions), may I ask what did you like about WW before new 52?

I am looking for pesrspective here. Not to challenge or shoot anyone down for their opinion.

Again, pre-new 52- what did you like about the character of WW?

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strong, not a gimmicky version of any existing male characters, interesting outside of her team . interesting villains, power set. tough.

given i came in late to the DC party . i got into DC with blackest night but read infinite crisis (loved how she did what she had to, by snapping maxwell lord's neck ) and every need-to-know arc before flashpoint came around. still a fan of wonder woman in n52

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I don't like how Geoff Johns portrays her as a hothead. Like when she fought her teammates I was like that was stupid Diana would never fight her teammates over a stupid reason like that. She would talk it out.

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I liked that she was more of a diplomat and a symbol of peace. In the Azzarello run she's protective of her friends, but there hasn't been much focus on her larger mission or what her broader goals are. I also don't like the retcons that Azzarello did with the Amazons - they have previously been the foundation of her emotional strength, but Azzarello killed them off then revealed that they were a bunch of man-killing shrews.

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I HATE the new origin.

I HATE what was done to the Amazons.

I HATE the lack of depth contained in Wonder Woman and her mythos. Everything was oversimplified to the point of banality.

We have all these new characters that I don't care about, taking up space, while my favorites are still in limbo. I miss the sisterhood between Wonder Woman and the Amazons, as well as the other super-heroines/adventurers that stem from her.

What I miss most is the Wonder Woman Family: Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Artemis, Wonder Girl, Fury, Hippolyta and Nubia. That would have been a much better Wonder Woman Army than anything Azzarello could come up with.

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from pre 52 i loved wonder woman's moral code,how she treats people,without prejudice,i loved her brave,kind and trong nature,always taking care of people even her enemies,i loved her amazing fighting skills and her heroic feats,i loved her family and friends,the amazons's code,all that they mean to her and her mortal friends,how she learned from them,julia,vanessa,steve and how they always were there for her,to help her everytime they could,risking their lives even knowing that they were just humans,and i loved how she could teach about love and peace with her actions,giving the example to follow.

R:I.P original,unique diana aka wonder woman(1941-2010).

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Okay that was really depressing...

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@dmessmer: This one million times. I really hadn't seen WW diplomatic side yet. If you have read Countdown to Infinite Crisis no one believed in Ted Kord. He felt like a loser. Then Diana came and she was so nice and sincere and said she believed in him. Those are the moments I want to see.

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