To the Wonder Corvette!

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I don’t usually talk much about comic book toys, but for some reason this ad that I came across while reading an issue from the late 1970s struck me as noteworthy. Of course over the years so many comic related toys have incorporated in aspects of the characters which essentially don’t exist. In terms of these toys though mixing superheroes with cars does make more sense. They come from an era before computer games, and it was not uncommon to cross market names even when in the comics some of the characters don’t really need cars. Still in terms of these actual toys, a fair bit doesn’t make sense. Of course putting a symbol on the vehicle is logical, but the actual likeness of the character does not as much (especially if Superman were to drive around the truck that gave away his secret identity.) The ambulance for the Joker or the non-aerodynamic umbrella on the Penguin’s car also seem out of place. Trying to give too much meaning to toys is pointless though, as they are designed for a different market than the discerning comic book fan. So as a discerning comic book fan I will point out the thing that I noticed when I first saw this, and that is that Wonder Woman gets not only her own car, but it is the only one which actually looks like a real car (though I don’t know enough about cars to be able to identify it.) As a Wonder Woman fan this is a small victory, as instead of some ridiculous looking vehicle Wonder Woman got to drive around in the late 70s in style and comfort.

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Two Daily Planet vehicles AND two Superman vehicles? He's not worthy of so many modes of transportation.

That Daily Planet van is tops though. I wish Clark Kent would drive that around.

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@inferiorego: Another reason why no one would mess with him!
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I want that Bay mobile.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....why??????? O.o weird stuff happen at the 1970's ah guys......weird......O.o

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Hey - Wonder Woman only gets one car as opposed to the three handed out each to Superman and Batman??!?!

LOL - just kidding - YAY - she gets a car and in a nifty brown colour to boot. :)

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QUICKLY!! to the superman SUPER MINI VAN!!!! up up and through traffic.

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But does the Wonder Corvette have rock-em-sock-em punching hands? Huh? (It is really silly that Superman would be so lazy as to use a vehicle not only to fly but also to punch for him.)

And does Captain Marvel even have a license yet?

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@cosmo111687: Probably why the Flash doesn't have one.

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lols......why does superman have a rapist van.....?

why does he need one anyways......lols

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it is odd that instead of some other hero they decided to make a car for Captain Marvel. The Unity makes sense but why him and not say Hal or Barry?

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Could be worse, they could have given her a pink corvette ...

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The Daily Planet truck is the best one.

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@InnerVenom123: Thanks yo.

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@inferiorego said:

Two Daily Planet vehicles AND two Superman vehicles? He's not worthy of so many modes of transportation.

That Daily Planet van is tops though. I wish Clark Kent would drive that around.

Considering these toys were produced and released during the same era as the first two Superman movies it makes sense, from marketing and profit standpoints, for Superman (including the Daily Planet) to be over-represented in comparison to the other characters

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Oh yeah. Not ridiculous at all. ;}

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