Things I want in a Wonder Woman movie

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1. Adapting Gods and Mortals

2. Steve as the love interest

3. General public questioning her being a pagan

4. Her flying, but with the invisible jet used as Steve's jet

5. Ares' Perez armor

6. Etta Candy as a Golden Age, Marston era fatass

7. Diana hating things such as Disney Hercules and Xena

8. Lynda Carter as Aphrodite

9. Xena herself(Lucy Lawless) as Hippolyta

10. Julia and Vanessa Kapetelis

11. A running gag involving Diana loving olive oil(..........don't ask)

12. Minor appearances of WW villains such as Veronica Cale, Neo-Nazi Paula von Gunther, and pre-Cheetah Barbara Minerva

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I don't know I think I would rather have Lynda Carter as Hippolyta or Hera.

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Don´t agree with 8 and 9. to gimmicky. but yes yes yes to the rest.

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TBh, I would rather see Lynda as Diana Trevor if they're going with that backstory of Wonder Woman.

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Why should she hate Xena?

Post limits... Thanks for the reply. I don't know too much about Xena. I am guessing this involves fan preference so I am letting it go.

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