The tech is here to have a perfect Wonder Woman

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Skip to 3:55 or enjoy the new Elder Scrolls Online trailer.

If they can get the pointy eared chick to look that good in a game trailer, they can do an epic looking CGI Wonder Woman. And you could still pick a great actress to play her, even if she is 4'7", 200lbs, cross-eyed and buck-toothed in real life.

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Some people suggested something similar about a JL movie when the DC Universe Online trailer came out. 
It would certainly be interesting to see a cg/motion capture movie, but I think people might find it a bit unconventional.

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That was awesome! The CGI stuff is something that I think would work really well in long term franchise motion pictures for maintaining consistency across the franchise. I thought the character design for Wonder Woman in DCUO was brilliant and I would love to see an animated series of this quality produced.

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@kapitein_zeppos: Man you read my mind. I keep thinking about how a WW film should look and those are the images conjured. Themyscira, Tarterus, Paradise Island, Demons have to be done like that. In fact I was watching the hobbit, just absolutely pissed off, because I was thinking man they could do WW with those graphics. It would be amazing.

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