The only way we will get a WW solo film out of JL movie?

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It just occurred to me that the only way we will actually get a solo WW movie out of of the ensemble JL movie is if WB takes a huge risk with one of the characters they have a major hard on for. Obviously one of the ways is she has to be cool and kick ass, which I´m hoping they´ll at least be able to handle the latter if the former is beyond their collective million dollar overpaid imaginations. However, to guarantee a film, and I know everyone will respond in shock, I think they have to get her to quiet down all skeptics. Somehow they have to write it into the film that she kicks Supermans ass. I´m about 90% sure that they will never do this, but it will guarantee her a future solo, and interest from fans everywhere, especially women, if the two duke it out and although taking punishment WW uses her warrior cunning and skills and of course immense powers to take superman down. Everyone obviously is going to want to see a Batman vs Superman fight and I´m pretty sure WB will go for the easier root, rather than finally do WW justice. But I´m sure that would finally put her over the edge. Obviously it will have to be somewhere in the beginning when they first meet, like in The Avengers, but it would be a great match and one that WW would have to win to gain respect from audiences who don´t really know much about her. What do you think?

Could it happen? or is WB going to go the easy root and have Bats in battle with Supes? and have WW lose to GL or something pathetic like that? Is it unrealistic because you guys think Superman is too powerful? Would WB not risk it, cause of their love affair with Supes?

By the way I wasn´t big on the JL having fights in the film unless it was really well done. However this occurred to me and I was wondering what you think.

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