So we think we haven't seen Athena but........

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I was re-reading Wonder Woman #12 ,I love the issue.When I got to page 7 panel 4 ,right fter Diana meets Ares for the 1st timeas they walk off into the woods we see....

an owl looking on to them intensely.No one (as I have read )pointed this out yet.Owls are sacred to Athena.I think it's her,and I also think we will see how Diana trained with her in the past as well.

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We'll see . . . how cool if you're right.

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Well since the Owl cameo, and being mentioned in issue 13, make me think that Athena will play a big role in the story. Much like in Homer's the Odyssey, Athena helped and guided Odysseus through out his journey. And this run on WW really reminds me of a Greek Epic which i think is what Azz is really trying to write here.

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Athena was also(in the previous universes) Dianas main mentor...Athenas Champion.Wonder why no one else has caught the owl thing?

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It could be Athena...I am hoping that it is athena, bringing her into the the story would be awsome :p

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