Smallville's Homage to Wonder Woman

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While DC/Warner Bros legalities prevent Wonder Woman from making an appearance on Smallville, that doesn't stop the show from giving us a brief homage to her in the 2/12/2010 episode entitled "Warrior."


Personally, if Erica Durance (Lois Lane on the show) worked out a bit then I think she could physically portray her. Am I the only one who thinks it?

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Huh. Kinda like it, except the weird whip lasso thing hanging on her hip. The rest is pretty spiffy.

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@lostlantern13: Why can't WW Appear on smallville? is it the same as the "bat embargo" somebody wa explaining to me?
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Due to Hollywood producer Joel Silver's efforts to create a Wonder Woman feature film, the character cannot appear in any episodes of the series unless negotiations are made with Silver and the Warner Bros. film division.  - From the Smallville Wikia. 

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thats really silly actully

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It is all silly and the idea is people are too stupid to seperate the tv show from the movie. Yet they made a horrible Birds of Prey with Batman in it.

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After watching the JSA last week, I' actually enjoying this show now, I liked this episode, I liked the end when the kid gives Clark the picture, "I like the S better"  that was great.

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Erica Durance  has the acting skills of a block of wood, after 5 seasons she's still barely competent enough to pull off a role as Lois
@WW-Fan said:

thats really silly actully

I agree
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Since Wonder Woman can't appear ... what about an appearance from the Wonder Girls?
Donna Troy & Cassandra Sandsmark? - Now that would be EPIC.
But my number 1 choice to portray Wonder Woman, would be ...

 Missy Peregrym
She's a talented, sporty actress. [:  & very beautiful!
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Agreed. It's even sillier when they made a Superman movie at the same time as the show.
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@AngelFrost:  indeed i was sad when she left heroes then sort sollus from reaper now iam wanting her back on tv lol
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@lazystudent:  Me too :(   Have you seen her in Stick It ? she's good in that, and has an amazing body.
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@AngelFrost:  no, no i have not i will llook out for it thou cheers

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