Should the alias Diana Prince return?

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Well should wonder woman alias Diana Prince return, I mean that am important part about her? Also the fact that Amazon Trial are equal to master degree could mean that Steve or justice league could easily make should it's credit the amazons education system to a master degree that she can have a job maybe in English. I'm just talking about it in general not in New 52

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wrong fourm

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I'm for it if it makes sense with the story they want to write. At some point I'm sure she will have to pose as an average joe.

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i never liked unmasked heroes posing as average citizens , it makes very little sense to me and makes me wonder how oblivious the populace is to that hero walking around and the only difference is glasses or spandex

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I don't know that she needs it but Diana Prince is the right one if she needs it.

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Maybe not as a spy...something about that doesn't rub well with me.

Let's see..Bruce is a billionaire, Clark is a smalltown country boy in the big city, that leaves Diana to be....somewhere inbetween secretly a middle class house wife :D

Jk, idunno maybe spy is right..idunno loolool

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Diana Prince is being used by porn star now so perhaps not?

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What kind of stupid question is that? Of course it should.

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Hell no. Secret Identity moronics/shenanigans were sucesfully bred out of Wonder Woman by Perez, reinjecting would be like trying to get the flu right after you've gotten better from it.

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