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I think it's time for a catch up. I think the last time I read a Wonder Woman issue was probably four months ago, so I have missed out on a lot. 
So what's up with her now? And what's with the Blackest Night story? 
And does she still have albino apes with her? That's very important to me.

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Not in Order 
- Rise of the Olympian Arc
-Zeus creates Achilles/ The Olympian
- The Olympians replace the Amazons
- Athena apparently dies
- Alkyone marries Achillies
-Wonder Woman foresakes Zeus and exiles herself
-Wonder Woman gains the new ability of lightning (later revealed to be a gift from Zeus who unlocked the ability from her bracelets)
-Wonder Woman returns to save her mother and is imprisoned (along with the Albino Apes :P)
-Wonder Woman fights the dark heart of  Themyscira 
-Wonder Woman kills Ares
-Amazons become mysteriously pregnant
-Zeus announces he is leaving, banishes Ares' spirit from the island
-Ares is seen with a the offspring of the pregnant Amazons
-Nemesis dumps Wonder Woman
There are alot of holes here but its better then nothing :P Wonder Woman briefly became a Black Lantern along with the other JLA members who had previously died. In the latest issue however she was turned into a Star Sapphire.
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Oh! Cheers for the update. 
Good to know that the albino apes are still there. That puts me at ease.

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You're welcome.

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