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I know in only one case in which wonder woman doesn't leave the island because of Steve. Does it matter if let's say Wonder Woman got off the island because the amazons held a contest in which one amazon would go to the man world to spread the amazon way as a hero for Themyscira.

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Grammar, man. I don't really understand what you're asking here.

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@SayaOtonashi: That is pretty much the Perez version of the character, the Steve part was mostly trivial then, not brought up every third panel like in the golden age.

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Sorry. If Diana had only become wonder woman because the goddess had held a contest to see what amazon would journery to the man world to teach the amazon way of love and peace would it make the story any different?

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I thought your grammer was fine.btw

It would be an awesome change in my eyes,why does she have to be tied to Steve Trevor all the time?

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@SayaOtonashi: I am not sure it would make as much of a difference, she was not that tied to Steve Trevor in the Perez years for instance.

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