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hi in the new comic series how come her powers no longer work when she not in costume.

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...whose  powers don't work? I'm confused...

#3 Posted by Silent Wanderer (40 posts) - - Show Bio
SadBastard said:
"...whose  powers don't work? I'm confused..."
Wonder Woman...I don't know the answer though :P
#4 Posted by SadBastard (103 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't know her powers didn't work out of her costume. Huh, kinda interested in the answer now myself.

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In issue 15 when ww is fighting agaist the nazi she says in this human form i have no powers or assess to my weapons. then she changes into ww

i though her powers were part of her not somthing she changes into.

does anyone know how this change happened as in early comics i though she was powerful all the time

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