One of the roots of the Power Couple

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Yesterday's revelation that Superman and Wonder Woman are to be a couple came as a not-so-shocking but still unpleasant development to me. This is a union that I have petitioned against time and again. It is not really true to either of their characters in my opinion. Anyway this discussion has been done elsewhere, I just thought I might share something else here which I hadn't previously, and that is one of the potential roots of this illogical pairing. Recently I have been on a bit of a golden age/silver age spree most of which has focused on Lois Lane and Rip Hunter. Lois Lane specifically was of interest to me as I have an inexplicable fascination with romance comics and this series was more romance comic than anything else. As Superman's token damsel-in-distress at the time it was illogical that she be given the opportunity to explore other dating possibilities in too much detail. In fact the longest she dated a man other than Superman was over a two part story arc, where she came running back into his arms by the end. To create some additional romantic tension though it was necessary to have someone else vying for Superman's interest. By that point in the history of comics it had only been popular since a few years to have any crossover whatsoever between comic series. By the time that Wonder Woman entered her mod years in 190 issues of her own series the only other hero that had shown up was Supergirl for two issues, and that was right before the mod girl years. In this case an obvious crossover romantic interest was Wonder Woman for Superman, and mostly because she was the only heroine at DC not already really attached to anyone (furthermore, Steve Trevor died during the mod girl years.) So some of the roots of Superman-Wonder Woman romance can be said to be actually in the romance comics genre and specifically how it related to Lois' not so serious romantic exploits. it is not really surprising though, even with the admission of the new from yesterday, most of the responses are "what about Lois?"

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@RazzaTazz: I find it great that you found a way to post this in the Wonder Woman forum. I personally did not like the fact that it was posted in a Superman forum rather than justice league..... Thanks.

Now I like to add that I totally agree with you RazzaTazz. I don't like the idea of this at all. Not so much that they are not compatible which they are not. but from the point that this relatioship is probably going to be disconnected from Wonder Woman's solo book. and wonder woman may just be reduced to eye candy in action comics and superman.

I saw your post about Wonder Woman dating like a fireman or humanitarian or something which is exactly what I think.

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Very interesting considering that this is the exact same scenario that is going on right now.

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@WDW: Yes I managed to sneak two blogs about this in ;)

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@Delphic: With a little less romance genre influence though

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@RazzaTazz: Of course, In my opinion today it's more like "Corporate Couple" than "Power Couple".

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@Delphic: I guess that term makes more sense. Both for the Justice League and for DC Comics.

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I can understand your concern with this 'Corporate Couple' but I really do not think the creative people at DC are really concerned about Lois. As you said for almost an eternty Lois has been Supermans token damsel-in-distress with all romantic plot lines eventually flowing back through her. If they are really serious about taking this 'New 52' in new creative directions then then why not try this out. This potential paring has been teased many times over the years but has never materialized in the mainline titles. I am concerned that the Wonder Woman depicted in Justice League bears little resemblance the the Wonder Woman depicte in the solo title and if the creative people at DC are serious about this paring I hope they take that into account before pushing ahead with this relationship. As for Lois being left on the sidelines well not to be insensitive to people that really hold the Superman - Lois Lane relationship closed to their heart but when the Superman - Wonder Woman connection eventually falls apart, and given the soap opera nature of comic books it eventually will, Lois will still be there. Also if it is OK for Lois to 'play the field' why cant Superman.

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@lorex: Mainly because this is not a new direction. it has been tried before.

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I thought you weren't mad....

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@SandMan_: I don't like it at all, but I am not going to get mad at something that is completely out of my control.

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@RazzaTazz said:

@lorex: Mainly because this is not a new direction. it has been tried before.

Yes and no at the same time.
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What about Lois? the writers haven't been able to think of one relevent story for her in like 10 years, Erica Durance is the true Lois Lane :)

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I hate the idea of WW/SM more than anything 

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Lois doesn't look very comfortable being caught into Wonder Woman's Lasso like that. She could just easily break Lois spine lol.

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@Nerd Of A Hero: Not to get off topic but the silver age lasso didn't damage thing caught in it.  For instance, she picked up a submarine once which would have cut it in half.  
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I think it might be fun for a while, mostly because they won't last being lovey-dovey and we'll see more personality from them. As long as its written well, I don't mind it. Justice League needs some serious character development... might as well start here. Though I'd really like to see Bruce-Diana fleshed out, or another interesting pairing (though with only the one lady its a bit limited, lol).

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It won't last forever. And it is not a new concept either.

Considering how Clark lets Lois push him around, and loves her more for it, I see no issue with Wonder Women being treated equal in this relationship, she seems a lot like Lois in spirit, minus the willingness to kill, just as I see Superman being close enough to Steve in many ways that matter.

I think the real issue is that this will lead to compromising situations for the JLA where one might save the other rather than focusing on winning a fight. But a Wonder Women & Superman team up to "replace"/"coincide with" Batman and Superman might be interesting. It is all about execution.

Also DC needs new ideas and back stories anyways, though this is not new, dc never really exploited this avenue with any real depth. Staying with traditions can often lead to downfall. Personally they should focus on new characters altogether, but the next best thing is shaking things up a bit for reboots, and no matter what they do, they can't make everyone happy unless they make 1 universe customized for each comic book reader (note: interactive comics that display stories customized to the reader based on brainwave scanning are not due out till at least 3193 when Ipad 1150 comes out with built in brain scanner).

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Ok I know I said I hated the idea of Wonder Woman and Superman together.... I have to admit I am intrigued. It seems they really are going to change things and shake up the DCnU.... and add romance and conflict in the relationship. I am eager to see whats in store for them.

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Hey, as log as it isn't butchered like Storm's marriage....I actually liked T'Challa before that

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I agree with Wonder Woman becoming a Superman supporting character by them dating which I don't want. It seems like most who support it are Superman fans and those againist it are Wonder Woman fans and Batman fans.

Batman fans are I think generally againist it on the gounds that most want a BM/WW relationship. What I don't get is that Batman is DC most popular character, then why not have a BM/WW relationship. If they date some of his fans might start reading WW. And since he has the most fans it would add a lot more than Superman.

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@darkman61288: I hadn't thought about it like that in terms of his popularity
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@RazzaTazz: How did you think about it?

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@darkman61288: I always just think of her as a stand alone character
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@RazzaTazz: She still can be while they date. Just have their storylines intersect once so many issues or a WW/BM teamup book.Or They fight each other villians or a cameos like phone calls just to remind you they are dating. The problem with the SM/WW pairing is that they are so much alike with like power and personalities that she wil becomel as your self said his supporting character. With Batman because of the contrast between the two it is less likily that will happen.

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