Off My Mind: When Will Wonder Woman Return to Her Old Costume?

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Six months ago Wonder Woman fans were in an uproar over DC's decision to change her new costume. J. Michael Straczynski began a new direction for Wonder Woman where everyone (including Diana) were unaware of Wonder Woman's past. The Gods changed the timeline in order to protect themselves and possibly for the survival of Earth. We've seen five issues so far dealing with this but of course we have to wonder when will she change back to her old costume? 
Staczyniski's original plan was for a twelve issue run on the series. He made the decision to leave to focus on DC's Earth One original graphic novels and Phil Hester will be taking over from his notes. Because we're not even half way through this story, it's possible we should be patient and wait to see how it plays out instead of longing for the return of the character some of have been reading for years. There's just something off about Wonder Woman's portrayal and it's not just because she doesn't fully remember her past. 
Is it just a matter of waiting to see if this new direction is what's best for Wonder Woman? 
 == TEASER == 
 Wonder Woman #609, March 2011
Looking ahead at DC's solicits, we know that the story of this new Wonder Woman will continue over the next few months as originally planned. Covers have been shown through March's issue #609 and the old costumes remains (even though it shows Diana having visions of her past costumes). Even in February's Superman #708, we'll see Superman meet this new Wonder Woman for the first time and wonder if he's met her before. 
As a long time reader of Wonder Woman and comics in general, I can't help but be skeptical over this new direction. Whenever these major shake ups occur, especially when classic costumes are changed, the character always reverts back to their original look. Sometimes the change had an impact on the character and the story but underneath it feels like a simple marketing ploy. Shake things up, add a new costume and let the media discuss the changes. Even I'm guilty of that as it was just in November that I last wrote about Wonder Woman's new direction. 
Her new costume has been growing on me. I've always felt her original resembled a bathing suit more than a superhero costume. Regardless, it's a classic look. The new outfit might be more practical and allow Diana to walk the streets without people wondering why someone was out dressed that way (since no one knows who Wonder Woman is). It also feels like this could be a way to force her new look upon us if a live action movie ever gets made or if the previously announced television show ever happens. Wearing pants with a red top and black leather jacket will add more realism than someone trying to wear the classic suit (like Lynda Carter did previously).  
I really hope that isn't the case. Movies and television shows should have no influence on the original comics. We have seen that in the past, especially with Wolverine and the X-Men. I've tried waiting to see where the current story arc is going. We are getting more progress but it's just not the Wonder Woman I've been reading since the 80s. Change is good but with each issue, I'm caring less and less on where this story will take us. Bring back the classic costume already!
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I haven't read any of it (was probably going to pick it up in trade), but I think I'm in the minority who liked the new costume and was hoping it stuck around after JMS' run concluded.

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She shouldn't........she should just lose the jacket.
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Why is her swim suit so damn important to people that costume is the primary reason that mainstream audiences don't take her seriously. This crappy costume is holding back a truly great character

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I hope they change it back :) I mean the new one doesn't make me so angry that I want to rant about it on a daily basis but I prefer the old one. To me it's kind of like Coke vs Pepsi. I always ask for a coke because that's what I prefer but if they don't have it I guess I'll just have to deal with Pepsi...

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@G-Man: I'm not saying they should necessarily keep the new outfit but still the old one should just be retired maybe she could get on thats some where in between the 2 but she's an important part of the dc universe she shouldn't look like we caught her on the way to the beach
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I like everything about her new costume (minus the jacket)...straps and all. (I mean...I would still like it even if they lost some of the straps) 
I actually think it's the best female costume in comics.
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Hopefully her old costume never comes back or they make a more respectful version of it more reminiscent of her Golden Age outfit [though I don't really see Diana wearing a skirt to fight things]. I get tired of seeing women drawn in skimpy costumes...most of the time it's just fanservice.

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I never really liked the new costume, though I was kinda hoping it would grow on me and I would. That never happened, so I'll be glad when Wonder Woman goes back to the classic look.

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I personally like her old costume despite what most people say. I wish it would come back.

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I wish JMS would learn to finish what he started. There are Marvel readers still waiting on the conclusion of The Twelve. Hell I'm wondering when the next issue of The Brave & The Bold will be out. Now he skips out on Wonder Woman and Superman too.

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As I've said before, this is all essentially an expanded Elseworlds series that has gone horribly wrong.

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I like the new look a lot more personally. I can take or leave the jacket, but I think the look in general is just a lot less 'girl sitting on the hood of a car' silly. It was hard to take her serious when she was dressed like she was ready for a good swim instead of representing her people to the world of men as equals.

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@Vitality said:
" She shouldn't........she should just lose the jacket. "
I agree with that. The jacket is whats stupid about the costume. The rest of it is alright.
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I love her old costume and I like the new costume. But honestly, her look was never her problem. The isolation of her solo series from the rest of the DCU is.

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@Neverpraying: Her traditional costume is borderline degrading to the character 
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I'm not reading Wonder Woman, but I'd vote to keep the new costume. It seems more appropriate for a modern take on Wonder Woman.
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She is going to get it back anyway, things like that never last.

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@joshmightbe:  Not trying to be sexist but I still like the outfit with more skin.
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I've never been a reader of Wonder Woman, but I have seen some episodes of the Linda Carter series and have seen enough Cartoon versions of Wonder Woman. I'm in agreement with many, I sorta dig the new costume without the jacket. But if it sells, she'll go back to the old version. 
In any case, it's been enough media attention to get me interested in her story.

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I like that first image for countless reasons. It's sexy, very well painted, and she's losing the outfit.

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I also like the new costume, she makes the ugly jacket work, imo.

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"Sometimes the change had an impact on the character and the story but underneath it feels like a simple marketing ploy."
Why is everything little change or plot twist in comic books viewed as a marketing ploy. The costume does look like the swimsuit, and it was a good idea to change it. I really don't know why so many comic book fans are so worry about whether their character looks iconic. If the character is given a better costume that shouldn't be trumped by people wanting the characters to keep an old look. The new look, except for the jacket, looks better than the old look. I saw keep the new look.

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WW is a true comic book character.  She's always been one of the hardest characters to "get right".  I can picture a Superman or Batman in real life, but it gets harder with WW.  Let's not forget that the lady was created in an age where patriotism was king and her costume is a 4-color 1940's Greek-ish outfit painted with the palette of the Stars and Stripes.  I don't feel 100% comfortable with her classic outfit.  Is it merely cheesecake, or is it a testament to her confidence and ability that she can pull off wearing a bathing suit AND be an icon for Women's rights and all that ?
I was really curious what they were going to do with the film a few years ago.  Knowing that Hollywood is firmly stuck in "Make it realistic and they will come" mode and just about everybody was updating WW to a kind of fantasy Greek costume, I was afraid we would get more black leather with coloured highlights.
The new costume was refreshing in that it avoided turning WW into Xena, though I'm not a fan of the new look, some of the elements are quite interesting (gauntlets etc)  I wouldn't mind if some of those elements would be retained in a return to her old costume style.
I'm not against updating WW or a new approach, but these days comic continuity is so often thrown violently into another direction, it feels as if a lot of writers start to mess with characters "just because they can" and we get stuff that belongs in a What if or Elseworlds book.
If given the choice between the old and new, I still prefer the old.  As for the new run, I'm not impressed.  A lot of violence, angst and drama disguised as character development and plot and the usual unstoppable villain(s).  Feels very much like a poorly written 90's Image comic book.

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I hope they change the costume back because the new one sucks and whats all this crap about Wonder Woman not being realistic just because she wants too look sexy!

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If television shows had no bearing on the original comics, we'd never have Renee Montoya, Harley Quinn, or the revised origin for Mr. Freeze.

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I do agree that her costume is iconic now but the new look works better and with a few changes IMO it would be a lot better. As for the story, I haven't read it but from what I have heard it is not very good.

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nobody has asked if diana likes her new duds or not. nobody asked her if she wants to keep what shes wearing or go back to her original outfit. i like the new look, sometimes different is better and this is one of those times. yes i liked her corset-suit, even the armour looked good, but idk why all you fanboys and girls are getting all emotionally upset about it? i didnt hear anyone bitch and moan about the xmens new threads or batmans or lex luthors or iron mans or spider-mans or luke cages or even [green] hulks. i say lets keep the new look and decide on the jacket. and we should tell the writers to stop dicking around with her origin.
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I hope they either change it back, or actually develop a new iconic costume for her, one that maybe plays up her warrior/amazon characteristics.  I just think her 'current' costume looks so ordinary and plain that (with a few minor exceptions) I can imagine seeing on a woman wearing it passing by on the street in daily life (which would work for some characters but not one of DC's big three).

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the new outfit with out the jacket is probably my favorite 

I love this look

this ia my second favorite just because i think it shows more of ther heritage and typical look for Themysceria

similar to my third favorite
below are others i found interesing and cool



Definitely one of my favorites. I would like them to change to this one when they go reset WW's reality again


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i like these images
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This for the win. 
It cut the star and stripe nonsense (No offense !) and it still look enough like the old and stuck to her origin. 

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As much as I want the old Diana back we all have to admit that this costume is a million times more practical and easy to adapt to a TV SHOW and a MOVIE than her original one. I can almost guarantee that this was done to gauge the worlds reaction to changing Wonder Woman's costume so they would know what to do for the movie and tv show.

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I say she should return to her old costume because its a classic and really suits her.
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Like any character, evolution is important.  All of the great characters; Bats, Supes, Spidey, GL, etc. have had their look and costume change over time.  When DC "revamped" WW a few months back I think two things happened: 1) People were shocked and/or pissed that such a drastic change had been made to a comic icon and 2) most of assumed she would just change back in a few months anyway. 
No drastic change in contemporary comics ever feels absolute.  Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne both died and returned in 2010.  Jason Todd and Bucky are both alive again.  How many times has Joker or Dr. Doom "died" only to show up again in a few months? 
I don't mind seeing WW get a more modern costume change.  NDB IMHO.  I don't care for her "street" look -- the classic one-piece is iconic.  I have to lean toward some of the posters that say that the old costume "holds her back" from being taken seriously.  I can understand that perspective.  That look is far too closely associated with the Linda Carter TV show in the 70's, and although it is a great campy treat to watch, does limit the amount of "seriousness" the general public will afford WW. 

Alex Ross design for KINGDOM COME 
Me, I always loved Alex Ross' take on Diana from Kingdom Come [above] (based upon the earlier Perez design perhaps[below]).  I like the more armored look.  I think a very Greek warrior take on her would be best of all with hints of the classic elements (the starts, the eagle) hinted at.   
WW Armor design by George Perez 
That's my $0.02 anyway...
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@The Devil Tiger:  
Wow, that's awesome.  It definitely keeps the feel of the classic suit while making it look something distinctly more Greek. 
Anyway, I kinda liked the new suit.  However, I'm not sure people are actually digging the story direction of JMS's Wonder Woman, and seeing as the suit is directly tied to that, it gives people a negative reaction whenever they see the suit. 
If anything, I just don't like the flip-flopping that happens when creative teams change.  Still, Phil Hester is great.
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I never liked WW's original costume, it made no sense (neither did that Black Costume she wore in the 90's).  Her current one is a lot better, except for the straps.
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@The Devil Tiger said:
This for the win. 
It cut the star and stripe nonsense (No offense !) and it still look enough like the old and stuck to her origin. 


Haha....yeah....and everyone gets a nice view when shes kicking around the bad guys. 
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I don't mind new costumes, and aside from the confusing arm straps, I like this one. That said, the story has been more than a little confusing and generally uninteresting for me.

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I like the new costume. She looked too old in her other costume. And its really out dated. Her new costume is kind of sexy. I dig it for her.

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I like the new costume much better.

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I got no hate for the classic look because it's good to know that WW has a bikini wax but I personally would love for the new look to stay. People complain about the Jacket but she hardly wore it during battle and look several times better without. You can say the look is just for movies and mainstream but it simply looks better nuff said in my opinion

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Lame, the character is lame, and her old costume is lame. I appreciate her and the outfit because it is a classic, but get with the times. she looks like lady gaga walking around in an outfit like that. At least the new out fit has been bringing in new females, ( i know several females interested in the character now that she dosen't "look like a slut anymore") there words not mine ha ha.
I actually like the new costume also. But never read wonder woman or care to so im meh. But I do dig the new look way better.

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I like Wonder Woman's old costume. It's much better than the new one.

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