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As we all know, Gail Simone's run on Wonder Woman has sadly come to an end, and to that effect, a Crisis Support Hotline has been set up to comfort Babs.  /duck jk Babs:)

Seriously, though.  Who would you all like to see write the next run of Wonder Woman?  I am not sure if a new writer has already been announced and if so, what do you think?  If not, who would be a great fit as a writer and do justice to Wonder Woman?  To me, I would love to see Alan Moore write for her, if nothing more than a one shot.  He's already done terrific work on two of the Big Three, Superman (What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow) and Batman (The Killing Joke).  I know its a dream at best, given Alan Moore's tumultuous (to say the least) relationship with DC.  As far as a "permanent" writer, I don't know.  I recall Scott Lobdell doing great work on X Men.

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Alan Moore and DC have burnt their bridges and from the times he wrote Wonder Woman he never did much with her and she was always just a supporting character to someone else he never wrote her saying or doing anything interesting. It would be cool if DC could get Ed Brubaker back from Marvel because he and Greg Rucka tell stories in the same fashion and Rucka wrote some great Wonder Woman stroies.

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I hear Grant Morrison wants a crack at WW

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It would be cool to read Grant Morrison's  Wonder Woman but I can hear whiney fans already complaning about it before they even read it.

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