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There may be a new twist emerging in the Wonder Woman saga. As an author and a fan of DC heroes, I quickly tired of Wonder Woman stories that often degraded into some kind of soft porn or something that portrays her as someone who is ultimately weak and needing rescue, which thankfully more recent storylines have departed from.

Therefore, I am now halfway through a new project that will portray Wonder Woman in a whole new light, and, in fact, in a new role.

I would love to have true fans put their eyes on this project before I move on with it. The opinions of WW fans are all important, and I would love to hear feedback from the fine people at DC and Warner as well.

Currently, there are big plans for this project and anyone who would like to offer feedback is welcome to contact me. I shall post details about the project and make it available for those who wish to test-read it for the purpose of editing feedback.

Anyone who wishes to know more, please contact me via this forum and we will go from there. If I can get enough of a response I will post more information about the project

Thanks for your attention.
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I'm curious.

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Don't believe youuuuu

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I am  Intrigued- and raising an eyebrow.    
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Will this project be apart of the current DC Continuity or is this something completely seperate? If it has nothing to do with what is in the DCU now, I would like it if Steve Trevor were her love interest again. He was her Lois Lane. Originally he was the reason she left Paradise Island. Her mother and the other Amazons were cautious of men. Steve became the example of there being good men in the world. I think that aspect of Wonder Woman's story has been lost since they changed his role.

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