New Charles Soule Interview About Issue 6

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& the Next Superman/Wonder Woman Arc

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CS:You know, that’s interesting. After the recent issue that we’ve been discussing, we do catch up to the status quo fairly quickly in my title. It’s just one of those things that’s kind of weird. She’s the God of War now. What does that mean? How does that play out? It’s something they’ll talk about and will try to figure out about each other.

i can not wait for that talk

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Me either. My problem with Azz is he doesn't tell us what being "God of War" entails, or even if it's a power upgrade. So far that doesn't seem to be the case, but the solicits have her summoning an undead army like Ares, so who knows?

One thing Soule is good for is clarifying her characterization and giving Diana an internal monologue. That's something that's been sorely missing in the New 52.

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I love this writer. Every interview gets me pumped.

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@scorpio_cassadine: at the moment wonder woman doesn't want the title even telling Apollo himself she doesn't want it so until she accepte being god of war we will she something she just need a little push also azz just like charlie will be explaining what it mean to be the god of war

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