New 52 vs Pre 52 Wonder Woman

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In the new 52 of Wonder Woman she is still gaining a lot of her old powers back and just learned how to fly not too long ago. in the new 52 JLA she is a lot more powerful, and looks like they are still adding more powers to Wonder Woman in her own Comic. I just have to ask, does she seem to be more powerful then pre 52 or has the new 52 Wonder Woman not shown us just yet what she is really made of?

I have to say to me she seems weaker in the new 52.

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Ii depends on if u are talking about New 52 JL WW or New 52 solo WW

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I don't know, I think that it's all about your perspective as there is no definitive proof to one point or the other.

I think that NEW Wonder Woman is more powerful.

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There's not enough evidence for NuDiana being weaker OR stronger than her Pre-FP version.

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New 52 Wonder Woman is like the gods again and can beat up greek gods and new gods and also Darkseid.

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I think Azz thinks he has made her more powerful, but since he knows nothing about the character I think he´s failed to achieve that. Pre New 52 WW was pretty powerful.

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Given that the new 52 WW power is still evolving, its too early to compare the two. It's like comparing the life of a 1 year old to a 70 year old.

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Pre 52 Diana one-shottes the her undeveloped and weak new version.

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@agent41: I think the op's asking if the current Diana is stronger than Pre 52 Diana.

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@saint_sophie said:

@agent41: I think the op's asking if the current Diana is stronger than Pre 52 Diana.

Obiously not so far.

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I think the new 52 one will be more powerful ,cus now is still very young for new 52 , ww already been the god of war , she can go to her godmode without her bracelets , and she is daughter of zeus which she has the power of using thunder . She maybe far more powerful later...

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New 52 Wonder Woman would be more powerful if she had better writers writing her to her full capabilities

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