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So each new issue of Justice League seems to bring new drama to the world of Wonder Woman but I haven't seen this brought up yet, her transformation to heroine of Wonder.

Here she is clearly using her Lasso to help make the transition from "Mild Mannered Diana" to Wonder Woman. This is something new for the character. I know that the mystical twirling that was established in the TV show was brought into the comics but never really played up. This seems pretty subdued too, considering that it's a splash page but I thought that it was an interesting take on the idea, though I'm not really sold on it.

I'm interested to know what you guys think.

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The magic lasso change from the bronze age is just stupid. The tv show had Wonder Woman spinning like a top to change which was also dumb. All of these costume change gimmicks are not necessary and can be ridiculous resulting in lots of jokes. Just keep it simple and let super heroes use their speed to change clothes like normal people.

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@Press Oblivion: I am not really sure that is what actually happened there.

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@cameron83: OK :) Here's why I've come to this conclusion. I see a clear blur of color between her top and the color of the skirt. She's leaping into action with the rope loosely twirled around her, pumps and skirt are not uniform standard yet waist line up is.I don't think that I'm making an unreasonable call here.

What you're feeling?

@colonyofcells: This has been used before, then? I'm not completely against it, more on the fence. As long as they leave the invisible jet in limbo, I'm pretty easy going about character so far. :)

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@fodigg said:

I saw that and was like, "Okay, so she can magic spell her clothes now? Whatever." It's kinda stupid but it's not something worth getting upset about.

I don't think it's worth getting upset about either, just interested in what people think about it.

Found this one CBR Wonder Woman Boards.
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@Press Oblivion: Thats awesome. ;)

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