Lennox: Friend or Enemy? *SPOILERS*

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Wonder Woman finds herself back in London where you introduce a new character named Lennox. Tell us about your creative process. Do you have a sketch or two you can share with us?

Tony Akins: Sure. As you know this is a collaborative process between Brian and Cliff and I. For Lennox, Brian described the manner of Lennox, his powers and how he fit into the Wonder Woman scheme in London. Brian has an idea of the look for him, a Jason Statham type, but more of a bulldog, pug-nose tough. We wanted a “superhero” but sans cape, but a look that was still iconic. Lennox got his black top coat to serve as cape, and it’s stylish. In leui of tights, he gets Bruce Lee ‘Game of Death’ trackpants; urban and definitely kick-ass. Beyond this, it’s basically me drawing versions of Lennox and Brian saying “no” until he says “yes” and then I can stop. Lennox was the toughest chase of them all, but he was bang-on when he arrived.


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Looks interesting.

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He reminds me a bit of Manchester Black.


Or maybe Willoughby Kipling

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@Icarusflies: more like DCU Ares in human disguise

If he has blonde hair :)

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They were going for more of a horror angle

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