It's Official: Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

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 I'm sure they'll dye her hair. Relax.

By virtue of all the aborted attempts to bring Wonder Woman back on screen, the casting race for Princess Diana has certainly felt like the longest one ever for a comics character. Seriously, I remember these talks going on when I was in a freshman in high school. The long list of potential actresses has included the likes of Sandra Bullock, Charisma Carpenter, Megan Fox and even Beyonce, yet here comes Adrianne Palicki to claim the golden lasso and the bulletproof bracelets from out of the blue - - and she takes the iconic part pretty decisively. Deadline says she was the only actress to screen test for this lead role in David E. Kelly’s unorthodox small screen re-imagining. Palicki will effectively be playing three roles as the famous Amazon divides her time between crime fighting, corporate management and ab inauspicious civilian life.

I’ve never seen Ms. Palicki in anything , but she’s coming off a well-received turn on the cancelled show LONE STAR and she’ll next be seen in the RED DAWN remake (whenever it comes out.) Ironically, this isn’t actually her first experience with DC characters. She appeared as Siren in the WB’s AQUAMAN pilot (which wasn’t continued, but is actually available for download on iTunes, now.)

After years and years of speculation, do you Comic Vine maniacs approve? Is Ms. Palicki fit to bear the tiara?

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she could be good but she is going to have to workout and get more muscles for the part.

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never heard of her. was this aquaman show a live-action or a cartoon?
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Hmmmm...only thing that may work for her is her height, but yes I kinda agree she's gonna have to bulk up with her muscles if she's gonna fit the role.  Funny thing about Adrianne is she played that evil Siren in the Aquaman pilot episode.  Yes, hopefully you all remember that attempted Aquaman show with Justin Hartley as Arthur Curry that never happened during that tumultuous time when the WB channel merged with UPN to make the CW. 

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muscles? yes. and attiudes? personally!
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she was kinda slutty on friday night lights oh well, at least we can hope a cameo of bruce wayne on the wonderwoman show

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Oh I'm Also unfamiliar with her and her work im guessing she's just starting out but im wondring on is she'll have a more modern look or if she'll just be in the same old uniform with Tiara. Well atleast she'll be a new addition to the Dc universe little Screen Characters and im hoping that this will be a sexy amazonian act lets hope shall we
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I guess its good that they have gone with an actress that is unfamiliar to the wider audience... I'll wait til the first episode to pass my final judgement on her!
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bad choice

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Can't picture her playing WW well at all .

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Hmmm... I'm skeptical, but I am glad that the series is moving along!
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I remember hearing about the concept of WW being some corporate exec or something which I thought was a bad call right there and now this chick who I can't honestly say I know or even care about as she looks a tad to skinny and dull. I understand why WW does seem like a tough fit but someone gotta pull it off someday but it definitely would never work as a TV show. Its gotta make it as a movie like Thor will but a show their just killing it even more

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Does she play Avery on 30 Rock?

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She looks vaguely familiar. I'd like to actually see her in something before judging, though. 

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I hate to say this so bluntly, but I don't thnk her face is pretty enough. I think the woman who plays Wonder Woman should be stunning. This actress isn't.
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I don't really think they're making the right choise here. I would of prefered someone who looked stronger like I picture Diana, however I think she could pull it off. Of coouse I have not even seen her in anything.... oh well. I just hope they do dye her hair... at least it seems the show is making progress. :) Can't wait until I'm watching it on TV at home. :)

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Even with the hair aside, she just doesn't feel like Wonder Woman to me. 

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She's pretty. This show is doomed so it doesn't really matter. They changed too much and it sounds ridiculous.

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well, she's hot

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@umbrafeline said:
" never heard of her. was this aquaman show a live-action or a cartoon? "
Yea it was live action and aquaman was played by green arrow from smallville
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@umbrafeline said:
" never heard of her. was this aquaman show a live-action or a cartoon? "
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This is a joke right? o.O

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I have a super bad feeling in my stomach this is going super smallville and fast, if this is set at a high school or college I am officially writing DC off.

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She might be able to do it with darker longer hair.  this show is starting to sound like the Birds of Prey tv show, straying too far from what makes it popular to fans.

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First... fanboys... STOP. 
We have no idea if she is going to be good or bad and judging her based on the fact that she is not as "beautiful" as a drawing. That is just silly and insulting. I am sure she will do her best with whatever they end up with the script being. Does she fit the part? Yup at least to me but I don't really care much for DC or Wonder Woman. I do find it a bit odd though that years and years of working to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen never got a positive reaction but back on TV people seem more excited about it. 
Another odd thing... return of the 80's comic tv shows? Wonder Woman and The Hulk? What show is due for a return next?

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 She looks good and can act but I just don't get the WW vibe from her. And no it's not due to lack of chest weapons. She just does not strike me as someone who can do action. 

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh........... I don't know about this.
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Birds fall out of the sky, war, floods, hunger, Duke Nukem Forever being released and Wonder Woman TV show returning.   These are the end of days.
2012 guys... 2012.

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I googled her and the very first image of her was her topless.... How fitting? lol

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As a Brunette 
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I love her. She's been on a couple CW shows as well as the movie Legion. The look is okay with me. I'm more concerned with whether or not they come out with a decent script and plot.

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Why do people even care about comic related movies anymore? They all suck! The casting choices are always a joke.

Moderator Online
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@Catman9 said:

" @umbrafeline said:

" never heard of her. was this aquaman show a live-action or a cartoon? "


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she doesn't exactly scream Wonder Woman to me...

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What the fuck are DC and Warner Bros. thinking...
Marvel is up and running with the new spider-man but this skinny bish isn't going to work.
And, yes I just signed up to say:  Seriously WTF  DC

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She was on Friday Night Lights (tv show) and Legion....good actress and super hot...No Problem with her as Diana

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@Kurrent said:
" She was on Friday Night Lights (tv show) and Legion....good actress and super hot...No Problem with her as Diana "
Ohh and Sam's girlfriend on Supernatural that got killed in the first episode
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i saw this picture of her and i think she can pull it off on the looks. lets just hope she has the chops on the acting department as well.
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@MadnessIzAll:  Watch the F'Bombs dude
@Kurrent said:
" @Kurrent said:
" She was on Friday Night Lights (tv show) and Legion....good actress and super hot...No Problem with her as Diana "
Ohh and Sam's girlfriend on Supernatural that got killed in the first episode "

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is she greek?

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I can't really see her as Diana...

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hate to be "that ass" but she's to small chested...also her face is not nearly mature enough

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I'm not a WW fan but if they were doing a show or movie I was hoping Bridget Regan  (LOTS) was gonna get the part. If it's not BR, I'm not really interested.
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 All you people bad mouthing the girl when I bet you all the guys that watched Smallville ogled over here when she played Kara in the season 3 finally. And DH69, apparently you aren't aware of the fact that sometimes athletic women have smaller chests. Comics have taught us other wise, ie. Red Sonja. It actually makes for a more believable character, plus it doesn't matter, she's gorgeous.
Wonder Woman isn't particularly muscular, she's athletic. Do you want Chyna to play her? She has the build of a lifeguard not the female equivalent of the Terminator. And whenever she is drawn muscular she doesn't look too appealing to the eye to begin with. I like this choice, she fits, she's tall, slender, has a bit of an exotic look with her bone structure in the face. Plus she's a comic collector so that makes her cool in my book.

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@haydenclaireheroes said:
" she could be good but she is going to have to workout and get more muscles for the part. "

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