Is Wonder Woman really bulletproof?

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@powerwoman: & that's perfectly okay. I can't accept that Superman can't be damaged by radiation unless it just happens to be from his home planet (& he's my fav character! so that's probably extra weird, lol). We all have our own opinions and can read/not-read whatever titles we so choose.

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@lightsout: they are different,superman cant be damaged by radiation is because this is his planets radiation,if wonder woman can take h-bomb,a h-bomb million of million more powerful than a bullet,so why a bullet can kill her??why?that just stupid

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@powerwoman: Well in a general-logic sense, they both work. This is what I meant before about who's logic do we get to use as the baseline for what a comic has to stick to. You don't know the mechanics of radiation (not an insult!, just saying different people know different things) so that doesn't stand out to you. I do, and it does. (In the "real world" no radiation should hurt superman, based on how we understand his powers to work & how radiation poisoning works with fleshy organic matter). But I won't derail this thread with that.

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@lightsout: but this radiation isnt our planet radiation,so i can got it,wonder woman is different,h-bomb is our planet weapon,bullet is our planet weapon too,this not magic'bullet,so if wonder woman can take h-bomb,why a normal bullet can kill her?that make wonder woman looks like so weak

yes,if this is magic bullet,i can got it,but it isnt

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@powerwoman: It's not a planet-to-planet thing, it's a physics thing. There's gamma radiation - Superman isn't affected by that (based on earthly radiations that emit that). Then there's alpha & beta & those are just the expulsion of sub-atomic particles off a mass. The reason those hurt humans because the particles physically punch a hole in our cells. Superman's cells are physically protected by his bio-aura (most popular explanation for his invulnerability). Therefore this shouldn't hurt him either. (Based on your same theory. A bullet doesn't have the energy to penetrate them, so an alpha or beta particle shouldn't either).

I totally get it's just a plot-thing created by a writer (with little to no science knowledge) who wanted to give a seemingly invincible character an Achilles's heel - but I also recognize it doesn't play out if you apply strict science towards this.

(I realize this is much more science-specific than your bullet vs bomb example, I wasn't trying to compete with that. I was just using it as an example to say "well if you apply this-much science, (this other thing) becomes illogical -- so who draws the line on how much science we apply? Just basic stuff everyone knows (bomb>bullet) or do we get more advanced? (mechanics of radiation)" & I hope I wasn't coming off like a jerk pressing this point).

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@lightsout: Ok..but i'm still think a bullet can kill wonder woman just tooooo crazy,i 'm hate it

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@lightsout: oh,this is Krypton radiation,so maybe is not like our physics thing,who know in the krypton radiation how work

but we all know a bullet how work,they are different

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@powerwoman: Well physics are universal'd be quite the stretch for a writer to claim something like that ......but I'll drop it :)

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@lightsout: superman can be damaged by radiation it isnt physics body,wonder woman is different,think about,if you can take h-bomb ,how can a bullet kill you?????that just make wonder woman looks like so weak,superman isnt,even superman can be damaged by radiation,that not make him looks like weak,he still can take bullet,h-bomb,a bullet can kill wonder woman,and wonder woman can moved 1/3 of the earth,that just too strange.that not should be she power level

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I hope Azzarello has the good senses to make her BP in the nu52. He is a smart man, he must see how stupid that weakness is.

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I do not mind Wonder Woman not being completely bulletproof or sword proof. However, no single average bullet should be able to hurt her seriously, nor the average sword. A bullet or sword that is average should only go through her skin, but not go through her seriously dense muscle structure. A bullet to her should be like a bee sting. It hurts, but it is not in anyway life threatening unless you are allergic or receive a huge number of bee stings. Doesn't Wonder Woman have an amazing healing factor? If so, then bullets will only slow her down. If she is harmed by an extremely powerful sharp object, that's fine. At this point, Wonder Woman has less weaknesses than Superman (vulnerable to magic, red sun radiation lessens power, kryptonite arguably most noticible weakness for any hero), so it is fine that Diana has vulnerability to piercing weapons. It should never be easy to hurt Wonder Woman or Superman unless their weaknesses are fully taken advantage of by their opponent(s). As for Wonder Woman using her bracelets, she protects her face, neck, and chest area, but clearly not her legs. This makes sense because it hurts a lots more to get hit in the face and neck than in the legs. As for her chest, she doesn't want to risk extreme injury by letting a bullet hit her there. Additionally, her legs are not a good target as they are often moving while she is fighting. BTW, in the New 52, she is the daughter of Zeus, so she is indeed super powerful. I think that it would be awesome if Wonder Woman eventually meets the Presence (God in the DC universe, easily most powerful being) and becomes like the Spectre. Instead of being an embodiment of God's wrath, she could be the embodiment of God's mercy, justice, or protection. She would not be an essence, however. She would still be herself (still be a physical form), she would just be way more powerful and have an amazingly deep understanding of the universe as a whole. It would also be amazing if the DC trinity (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman) met the holy trinity (Father, Spirit, and Son) and gained immense knowledge and understanding of how to be a force for good. They don't necessarily need to gain new powers, they would just know about how the universe works and how to win for themselves and for others.

Sorry that those last few sentences were off topic, but Wonder Woman should be powerful enough to stand up to any evil if she uses all of her strength. The same goes for Superman. To make it challenging for the heroes, there should be villians who could win if the villians are more knowledgable than powerful. Good foes for the Justice League are the ones like Loki (Marvel villian) who use their their deception more than raw strength, because physically powerful villians who do not have brains will be at the mercy of the extremely intelligent heroes, unless the villian has absolutely no weaknesses. In that case, the Spectre could simply just will the physically invincible evil being out of existence. Good always eventually wins.

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@snascimento: It's comics, it's not suppose to make sense... like giving an alien superpowers rather than cancer from being under a different sun.

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@powerwoman said:

@aiden_cross: New 52 wonder woman looks like not as powerful as Pre-52....really..

I think the same principles might apply in the New 52, because she only discovered that she was a goddess instead of being redefined as a goddess; otherwise, suddenly being Zeus' daughter would have been a dramatic change to her character and she probably could have been considered bulletproof. However, that weakness has really been less clear since the Perez reboot as it was pre-crisis. Has that weakness really been emphasized since the end of Marston's run?

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@dshipp17: Yes,wonder woman always not bulletproof

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This is late I know, but Wonder Woman bracelets are a symbol of her people and she always say she likes to challenge and better herself, so maybe she choose to deflect bullets as a personal challenge.

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