Is Steve alive in "Injustice" continuity?

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With Steve returned status as Diana's man(especially once Man of Steel hits theaters and Lois is returned to her status as Clark's woman), you'd think this would be pushed more, especially with that being an area that has kept her from a movie(lack of love interest). Is it possible that Steve is alive in Injustice's continuity? Especially since Diana seems more occupied in riding some rock hard Clark(yeah, I went there.)

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He probably died. It would be good to use his death as a motivator for her joining Supes' regime. It would make sense for Injustice continuity to work like this: Superman:Lois::Wondie:Steve. That way they seek each other out after their respective partners get offed.

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@TimeLordScience: Ugh. Poor Steve. He keeps getting Clark-blocked.

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@jointron33: lmao, while that's true, I think that scenario makes sense for Injustice continuity. For the New 52, I think it's pretty dumb to have WW and Supes dating when Lois and Steve are still alive. Especially since Steve is obviously devoted to Diana.

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He was in Metropolis getting Diana her favourite meal from her favourite restaurant. (She does not know he died yet) =p .. I'm cold, I know!

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As I understand Injustice Wonder Woman would not see anything is a mortal that can make her interested.

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I'm starting to see Injustice as a darker take on the Marvel civil war

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Maybe Steve died in Metroplis or something which is why she is doing this.

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Maybe she's just a militaristic batch and like totalitarian control?

It's nice to speculate about Clark & Lois or Diana & Steve but the truth is that Steve & Lois are really meant for one another. :P

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