Idea to introduce Donna Troy to the DCnU...

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Why not make Donna Troy into Donna Trever or Donna Trever-Troy? Have her Steve's sister, who is mentioned in the FCBD by Etta. Her origin could be similar, found at an early age in a burning building but then adopted by the Trever Family. She could still be married to Terry but make his last name Troy. Perhaps she is the child of an Amazon who may have fled Paradise Island with Donna but was later killed. This way Donna would still have some ties to Wonder Woman & add some interesting new twists.

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too much of a change. i like the titans of myth saving her as a child, then giving her over to the amazons to train her. just have her just coming to the amazons from the Titans of myth. then pick up from their. I like that fact the Donna's Powers do not come from the Olympian Gods like that of Wonder Woman's but from the Titans of Myth Gods is o much cooler, and its works with making her different.

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how about make her the daughter of zeus and another amazon,that way she is still dianas sister and still an amazon.and still a princess since zues is a king.

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I heard she's going to be in Earth-2. It was hinted she was not the last Amazon. But it could also be Artemis.

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how about this,hippolyte did actually form a child from clay and the gods gave it lfe along with certain gifts but then she learned she was pregnant byw zeus and she went and placed her on one of the ships they would raid.the child was found and sent to an orphanage.

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I don't feel that Donna Troy should exist as all, actually. There's a reason she's no longer part of main continuity - she just wasn't a very good character.

Instead, we get Cassandra Sandsmark. Who is a much better character. And in the New 52's new origin for Wonder Woman, that would make Cassandra and Diana actual sisters, giving them a much tighter bond as Wonder ____.

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