I love albino apes!

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Just something I wanted to get out onto this forum. This is by no means a new idea, but... 


They're so cute and I wish I had some albino apes living with me. I mean, c'mon, who or what beats ALBINO. APES? They are the greatest invention ever in the fictional world of comic books.
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I concur.
Even though I've never witnessed such a creature, just the concept is stunning. I'm going to search out these apes. What issues may I find them in?
By the way, great avatar.
By the way, good to see you post more.
By the way, one more post and you're at 3000, and even though that's not a milestone you may want to reserve it for something more significant than responding to me, if you were planning to.

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I think showing you where the albino apes are is worth getting up to 3000 posts. 
I can't pinpoint which issues the albino apes turned up exactly, but from the top of my head, there were some in issue #24. They make a few appearances thanks to Gail Simone.
I also remember one commenting on just how refreshing the iced lemon tea was. If only I could remember which issue they're from! But overall, I'm completely lost on the whole Wonder Woman deal simply because I haven't been reading comic books for some time now.

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i saw the thread title and just couldn't help to think of Professor Farnsworths albino apes that yell ' MOM, MOM, MOM' from futurama.. couldn't find a pic tho =/

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Heres a couple Issue #27

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Also, there must be a character page for one of the albino apes. Can't remember his name though, something like "Toli", which is a part of his name.

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