How would a Themysciran military be like

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I want to know about stuff like ,how good are the amazon warriors and what capabilities and what sort of equipment do they use. what are the city defences like when trying to repel an invasion and does themyscira have any air and space defence/offense capabilities. what sort of technology do the amazons have to fight with and how big is there armed forces. I know the amazons use greek hoplites style gear but surely its a lot better and is able to stop bullets or something .how do they fight and what tactics and strategies would they likely use.where does wonder womans invisible plane come from. ect ect ,any info on the amazons military would be appreciated.

this is not supposed to be a who would win thread but if it helps, how would the amazons fight enemies like the sinestro corps, star wars empire, warhammer 40k chaos, any constructive comments would help .

I'm just looking for info from someone who knows more about them, and wiki doesn't tell me everything I want to know, thanks

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they would have daily pillow fights lol

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Wiki doesn't tell you anything because it depends with Marston's very intelligent and tech advance. Perez they were still able to fight off modern tech if able but only ancient tech. Azz low tech and we don't know. They do have combat skills .However out of all the runs Marston had the amazons do way more mental skills they a wish were being devolved.

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Entirely depends on which frame of time we are dealing with:

  • Pre-Crisis: Mix of ancient and weird space-age stuff
  • Post-Crisis: Ancient, but better than anyone else at it (like shooting down jets with bow and arrow).
  • Flashpoint: fleet of invisible jets and womanpower enough to subjugate England
  • New 52: Ancient, but said to be the most formidable army on Earth.
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Sometimes they use advanced technology, sometimes rudimentary weapons infused with magic but more often than not the amazons are depicted as a stagnant civilization of powerful women stuck in the classical age. Despite 3000 of training and their superhuman strength and stamina, Batman can beat a dozen of them in under a minute lol

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@archizoom: Well, during AA two Amazons nearly got to punch Batman's clock... before Superman threw a trash dumpster at them.

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Did Batman really beat a dozen Amazons in under a minute? Sigh... comics. What were the circumstances? My assumption has always been that an average amazon could beat Batman in a fair fight, but Batman doesn't do "fair fights".

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