How the amazon become advance

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Unread that the amazon had a magically device that allow them to monitor the man world as well as look into the future. I wish they could have put this in the current wonder woman. Should the amazon be lot to be so Advance?

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They also live forever, I mean never get old, what means the same women have centuries of cultural and cientific developement

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They would have the very best of ancient technology. Extensive plumbing, sophisticated astrological devices and superior weapons and armour :

Unsuspecting antagonist "This katana was forged five centuries ago, there is nothing like it on earth. Prepare to die !"

Artemis : *SLICE*

Unsuspecting antagonist looks at the sword stump: "Inconceivable !"

Stuff like the purple ray would be magical rather than tech. Of if you really want, they would be tech so advanced, it's like magic anyway.

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