How Many Amazons Live On Themyscira?

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I have often wondered how many Amazons are there on the island. I mean they are allows getting killed off one way or another, or brining back to life after death. And than we recently saw how they make most of the Amazons are made the old fashion way. Sex with mortal men. Anyone every see the hard numbers are on the total number of living Amazons?

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A handful, for the ceremony, a lot of amazons attended and it look likes there like 130 or somewhere around that.

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Right now? one

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When Darkseid invaded in Wonder Woman 104 (volume 2) they stated that they had lost half their force and that only 1500 or so remained. There is no real right answer, but it is expected to be a somewhat small number in the 1000s

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about 3000 amazon snakes and 1 Amazon statue

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The official dc comic guide reference book says 3000 in the margins

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Now; around 3000 (in snake form)

Originally; probably up to around 20.000.

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