Here a though

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If Diana is here to speard message of gaea . Than could she have also open a organize for promoting message of Gaea and train in the amazon way. Also many would probably become amazon.

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? sorry...

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@Loki9876 said:

? sorry...

he snorts bath salt
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i'm sorry, but ............... WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA....t?

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Use proper syntax and diction.They get your point across more successfully, make your points sound well-mulled, and generally promote good discussion.

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Sorry, I'm on my iPhone. I said since wonder woman os on a mission not only to fight evil but also to speard the message of Gaea, which is peace, love, and equality . As well as the amazon way which is sisterhood , and love. I said one is opening a organization or college to promote that. She can use her alias Diana prince who can be celebrity.

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Give Kayvee the microphone, you lose privileges.


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