Gina CARANO - Wonder Woman poster - Revealed!

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It's a well-made poster, but Gina Carano is not the right actress for the part.

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I see her more as HUntress than Wonder Woman

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Colors are too bland. Needs to be a bit brighter. Also meh.

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@Illuminatus said:

It's a well-made poster, but Gina Carano is not the right actress for the part.
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I'd watch it.

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I'm glad somebody did this.

Not the best shot of her for the job imho, but I couldn't do this kind of manip so who am I to judge.

I just watched Haywire and I have to say, hearing the whispers of her in connection with maybe, kinda, possibly a WW role, I approve.

Check out her shoot for GQ (specifically punching the bag and doing this crazy kickboxing knee strike thing).

Imagine that knee slamming into Cheetah or somebody... I want a WW that looks like a warrior, not a fashion model.

I could believe her in the role.

She has the physical ability, the body (actual muscle!) and the looks (think about DC's quite decent animated WW movie a while ago).

Her acting is a million times more palatable than that girl in the ill fated pilot last year (can't even remember her name lol).

It's time to put away nostalgia for the Carter years, time to ignore hormonally inspired fancasts of ridiculous candidates like Megan Fox (my god, remember when that was floating around as a serious consideration?) and cast a real woman who could actually pass as an AMAZON and who can throw a fricking punch without looking pathetic.

I challenge any naysayers to put forward a more suitable candidate for the role.

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Not cool......

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Gina Carano is by far the best current actress for Wonder Woman. As I've mentioned before, she has the physical attributes (physique, martial arts background, etc) and seems capable of acting. No reason to waste her on being Huntress or some other silliness.

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