Gail Simone's Wonder Woman, Are You Reading It?

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What do you guys think?
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I didn't realize Gail Simone had been writing Wonder Woman.  Mistake on my part.  I really enjoy her stuff on DC, so I think I will pick this up.  Sounds great.

Naturally, your WW costume looks great, love the tiara.  Speaking of tiaras.......did you know that G-Man has a Wonder Woman tiara?  I kid you not. 

I believe the "G" in G-Man stands for "Gender Confusion".   I Keed, I Keed.  Bwaa Haa Haaa.!   

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So acording to the dream, when if she saves the earth, whe would save other superheroes as well, like Superman. - That pretty cool!
I didn't knew she could foretold stuff. Is she going to have special guests in her comic as the threat is worldwide? 

I haven't been reading Wonder Woman for the moment... - To read her books, I had to give up on another characther, just don't know who, though 

(Did your hair grew up superfast? Is that one of yours powers?) 
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I've been reading it, not buying it (sorry)

The last issue really sucked me in once I read that Genocide is Wonder Woman (oh snap!)
When I read that I was reminded of this pic of WW I saw in her gallery. Is it related, probably not but you never know.

This occured in the Justice mini-sereis
What's even more fascinating about Genocides creation is that they took specific "ingredients" from different  places, people, moments in history, etc. 1 I can remember is that they took soil from a concentration camp during the Holocaust ( I think it was Auschwitz).
It definitely makes sense that Genocide is Wonder Woman, who elese can use the Lasso so effectively?

Another great part of Gail Simones run on WW is her focus on the Lasso and how it does more than force people to tell the truth, it looks into your very soul. This is first shown (I think) during the Ends of The Earth arc (which I bought).

Genocide is a good start but Diana needs bigger and badder villians. And I hope Gail brings back Diana's Gorilla Troops (that's what I call em) in future issues.

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haven't seen a Babs video in awhile. happy to have you back. : )

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Yes, and it's okay.

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Were's your Bullet Proof Bracelets?!

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I am throwing Babs's Name in the hat for WONDER WOMAN SHE would be better then FOX!

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Of course I am, I don't hate nice things.

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Lol again, it's great to watch you reviews cuz i don't have to bother picking up the series. Gail Simone is great on Secret Six, I think i'll give this series a shot. WW has alway been a interesting character but very rarely written well.

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yay babs is finally doing videos again :D

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i r Hamzcat! i r steelin ur vid-eee-oooo......ok enough of those shenanigans. Nice review, the outfit clearly like I mentioned before is rad. Good to see some more video work from you :)

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wonder woman always seems so serious in her book, almost personality-less. Shes all work and no play and that is dull. This arc has seemed really irrelevant to everything in the DCU. Look at the battle for the cowl and the mass cancellations. The absence of Batman shows up in other books like Supergirl as well. New Krypton has 3 and maybe 4 with adventure comics it really effects and so it seems to have big consequences. Then there is Blackest Night coming up and Flash Rebirth which effected FInal Crisis considerably.  This Olympian story and the whole genocide thing is so limited.

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@04nbod: Well, personally, coming from someone who wasn't crazy about the predictability of "Battle For The Cowl," I'm so glad that there was no mention of that in this arc. I have to disagree with you. It's enough that Morrison DRAGGED R.I.P. into Final Crisis, (totally unnecessary in my opinion)...we don't need to drag every ongoing event in the DCU into EVERY SINGLE BOOK. Then again I really think that's a personal preference. I prefer books dealing with individual characters rather than huge multidimensional story arc's that involve every character in that Universe's existence. When I pick up a Wonder Woman book, I want to read about Wonder Woman, not Batman and Nightwing.

Second bone I have to pick with you ;)
You compared Supergirl to Wonder Woman. Really? Wonder Woman is on a whole other level in my opinion. There are sooo many intricacies to her character. There are so many ongoing things in this book. There is the issue of Genocide having the power of her lasso, there is the rivalry between Zeus and Ares, the creation of the new God Achilles and how that will factor in...and sooo much more. Wonder Woman, here, is dealing with a tremendous amount  of pressure. In her heart we see a scene where she falters and comes so close to giving up, citing that it's over. She  won't succeed so what's the point. Athena comes to her in this moving scene to raise her spirits and Wonder Woman realizes that it doesn't matter: when you are a warrior born, you have no choice but to strive forward and look death in the eye. Continue the battle even in the darkest hour; even when you can foresee your demise. It's extremely empowering, in my opinion. So I really have to say I hand it to Gail for knowing this character and really doing great things with her. I'm loving it.

@Thanks everyone for the nice comments, by the way. :D
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WW the best female Super Hero ever!!!

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I got sold a bunch of comics from this guy last year and the first two issues of the "Rise" arc were included.  I threw them in a bag and put them in a box, unread.  Looks like I'll have to find them.

This looks case and point why there have been 52 issues of TRINITY.  Superman, Batman, and Wonder Babe have ALL been dealing with their own, serious issues(no pun intendo) over the past year.  So they gave us all three in 52 issues of madcap tales.  Some of it has been good, some of it, eeeeh.  I really feel like an idiot though, for not putting 2 and 2 together.

I've never gone out of my way to get my hands on Wonder Woman comics.  When I was young and first getting into comic books, I thought that girls bought WW, and SPIDER-WOMAN, etc.  I looked at it in the same vein as boys had HE-MAN, and the little ladies then had SHE-RA or BARBIE even.  I was 7.  I obviously don't think like a 7 year old about comics anymore.  That can be debated about other things but that's another adventure.  Once I started "collecting" then I got a hold of Perez's WW.  Bangin'.  Since then, I have had much respect for the character because she can whip Batman or Superman's ass if the scales are just slightly tipped in her favor.  Ok, maybe not Superman. = )  Unless Diana's rocking a magic sword/dagger of whatever.  But I said the scales needed to be tipped.  I'll stop now.

Anyway, I'll pick up this trade for knowledge.  It looks action packed.  Thanks for the video review.  A future WW named GENOCIDE.  It's gotta be craziness.  SOLD, I say!

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Clearly your head is not too big...the tiara is too small.

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Thanks for the insight Babs to issue #17 I haven't bought a Wonder Woman comic book since 05, I'm in for the ride on this one. 

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@04nbod said:
"wonder woman always seems so serious in her book, almost personality-less. Shes all work and no play and that is dull. "

I have to agree with this statement. It's the only reason I'm not loving the Wonder Woman series right now. The story is good but Wonder Woman herself isn't very interesting. I was expecting more emotional weight from her when Genocide beat her and stole her lasso. Like the part where Athena is telling her she has already given up, I just didn't feel that. There wasn't a moment I remember that made me feel how she feels or sees how she sees things. It was all about, geneocide has my lasso and I have to get it back. Actually most of the characters in this story seem lifeless. I wasn't really feeling anything for Candy either. It sort of seem set up. It's good writing but with out the soulful depth. This should mean more but it doesn't. I think gail Simone is a good writer but at times her plots get in the way of good charaterization, as in Birds of Prey. Or like in Secret Six, the characters are good but the plots are really strong. She needs to find a better balance. And with Wonder Woman, I think it's a lot harder to do because you're dealing with more larger than life characters. It's more what they symbolize than what they say and do. It's all about meaning and motivation. It needs to be done more like a greek play, anice mix of comedy and tragedy however the main focus should be on the characters and the reason they are going through what they are going. It can't jsut happen without consequence or merit.   

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Ive rather enjoyed this run. I hope she keeps up the good work.

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Dodson does the best Wonder Woman ever.

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I will keep an eye out for wonder woman now! Looks and sounds EPIC!

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babs for the win !

great review, WW is one of my main books right now and I'm glad it finally got some air time, so are we gonna see tiara and bracelets next time ?

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"core" NOT "corpse"

Staff Online
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@Vance Astro: I gotta say, I prefer George Perez's, or that one picture Nicola Scott did, or Drew Johnson's, or Lopresti's, or Chang's.
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@King Quisling: Oh man KQ, this quote saddens me :( . Have you read George Perez's run, or Greg Rucka's? They're great. So is Christopher Moeller's "JLA: A League of One" one-shot.
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Thanks so much for giving a shout-out to the Wonder Woman series so far. Gail Simone is doing such a great job (I believe this has got to be the peak of Wonder Woman's history so far) and the art is fantastic too, though I think it can sometimes be too cartoon-ish for something like the current story arc with Genocide.
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Have not read Gail Simone's work as of yet, since I am attempting to get caught up with Greg Rucka's work.  I have however, heard and seen great reviews for Gail Simone's vision of Wonder Woman.  Looking forward to it.

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I'll just say this. Not only am I reading Gails "Wonder Woman", it's the ONLY DC COMIC I'm buying these days. The whole Umpty-Flippin'-Crisis nonsense finally chased me away from most of the poor, patchwork DC Universe for good. I can't keep up with all the rape of once classic characters. Only Gails work pleases me anymore. 

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@John_Feaster said:
" I'll just say this. Not only am I reading Gails "Wonder Woman", it's the ONLY DC COMIC I'm buying these days. The whole Umpty-Flippin'-Crisis nonsense finally chased me away from most of the poor, patchwork DC Universe for good. I can't keep up with all the rape of once classic characters. Only Gails work pleases me anymore.  "
You need to read Blackest Night.
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@Babs said:
"@John_Feaster said:
" I'll just say this. Not only am I reading Gails "Wonder Woman", it's the ONLY DC COMIC I'm buying these days. The whole Umpty-Flippin'-Crisis nonsense finally chased me away from most of the poor, patchwork DC Universe for good. I can't keep up with all the rape of once classic characters. Only Gails work pleases me anymore.  "
You need to read Blackest Night. "

   An Honest thank you for the suggestion, but from what I've heard about the whole Skittles Rainbow of I don't. I don't need to read Blackest Night. Also, I can only afford to read a few comics these days, and they HAVE to be comics that will cheer me up...not depress me. I haven't picked up an issue of of Green Lanturn since Hal Jordan went Mad, became a serial killer of Green Lanterns, and was replaced with Kylewhoever-he-is back in the 90's. I know Hal's back, but I call "No way!" that the world would just shrug and accept his "I was mind controlled" argument.

   Sorry, but I'm 40 and still carrying scars from the first Crisis...which ruined a lot of my favorite heroes. Hawkman was screwed for decades, and poor Huntress was erased from continuity, then eventually replaced with a Mafia princess who I don't have any interest in. I have no emotional connection to 90% of the DC cannon any more. They just AREN'T the same heroes I grew up with.
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@John_Feaster: :(
#32 Posted by John_Feaster (342 posts) - - Show Bio
@Babs said:
"@John_Feaster: :( "

   Yeah, I know...I'm just not willing to involve myself in another dark, depressing storyline that will in the end...have nothing important to say. The Green Lantern Corp will be screwed, home brewed and retooled over and over again, forever and ever amen. They will ALWAYS be thrown aside, turned into a joke, then a threat, then a useless club full of self-important losers. The original idea was perfect...but the original idea hasn't been left alone for more than a year at a time. The Darkstars were just a signpost for the mess that was to come.

   Ah well. I have my memories. :>)

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