EXCLUSIVE: Wonder Woman #613 Covers and Preview

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Readers of Wonder Woman will know that she's been going through a life-changing, character-refreshing "Odyssey," which looked to wrap up with issue #612; however, DC's solicit for the issue confirmed that they gave J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester two extra issues to finish it!

In what looks to be a moment of change for Diana as she heads towards DC's reboot, issue #613 gives us a look at Diana fighting... herself? There also looks to be some heavy internal dialog going on; I'm a big fan of metaphorical goodness.

DC's also given us a look at both covers for the issue, which look pretty darned sweet. I'm a big fan of painted covers, so this variant looks like something worth picking up. The cover on the left is by Josh Middleton, while the variant cover on the right was done by Josh Garner, who's done covers for Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Teen Titans: Villains for Hire.

Check them out and let us know what you think in comments!


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#1 Posted by Burnstar1230 (210 posts) - - Show Bio

Talk about inner conflict and confronting your past

#2 Posted by Bestostero (5618 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm curious to pick this up again after dropping it...but I think I would only be more confused.

#3 Posted by StarKiller809 (1239 posts) - - Show Bio

YES! I've wanted to see the old Wonder Woman for so long. I'm super excited about seeing the 2 fight. I don't think Odyssey Diana could beat the old Diana. I wonder if they will get nemesis out of her and they will fight her together. Then we could go back to having the real Diana being there.

#4 Posted by CanterburyCricket (14 posts) - - Show Bio

Is now interested!

#5 Posted by blur1528 (1055 posts) - - Show Bio

That's more names on that issue than I've seen even on an anniversary issue

#6 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Very nice! I'll just wait for both Odyssey TP's to be available though. But that artwork is gorgeous.

#7 Posted by Press Oblivion (1643 posts) - - Show Bio

The only way to keep fans happy is to give us Wonder Woman in both pants and Bikini Bottoms! The more Wonder Woman the merrier!

#8 Posted by Grimoire (552 posts) - - Show Bio

Should be interesting.

#9 Posted by RazzaTazz (9698 posts) - - Show Bio

I am excited!

#10 Posted by cosmo111687 (1489 posts) - - Show Bio

Fantastic! Glad to see that DC is given her the time and effort she deserves with those two extra issues.

#11 Posted by MrDirector786 (43636 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks cool. I like the cover on the right more.

#12 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3561 posts) - - Show Bio

This looks a 1000% better than that horrible Superman preview. This shows her as a fighter. Superman's made him look like an emo loser.
That double painted cover of Wonder Woman for this issue is really beautiful. Great work on that.

#13 Posted by Calvin (3479 posts) - - Show Bio

Who's the "scorpian lady"? - I don't think I like her. 

#14 Posted by Samimista (20912 posts) - - Show Bio

Is this a preview for the reboot?

#15 Edited by kapitein_zeppos (341 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry folks, but nothing so far has convinced me we'll see the old WW any time soon.  The Odyssey one will ultimately defeat the classic one, proving once and for all she's the better character.
I really hope they go in a new and interesting direction and we get some great stories in the coming months and years, but the changes so far never worked for me.  The classic mistake writers make is mistake drama for character development, but JMS mistook drama for turning Diana into a punching bag and make her bleed and suffer page after page.  I'm the first to admit that Wonder Woman has a lot of baggage and is generally speaking a very difficult character to do justice to.
Maybe if I keep thinking positive thoughts it will all turn out great. 

#16 Posted by ltbrd (562 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone else getting a Sword of Grayskull vibe from the second cover? 
My feeling on this is that neither one is going to "beat" the other but the Odyssey version will come to the realization that the two of them aren't different but simply aspects of the same character and merge into the "true" Diana.......thus we get the reboot version that is clearly the pure warrior of the "old" Diana with the general look (depending of whether the reboot has pants or not which seems to change with every preview panel) and a bit more wordly knowledge of the "new" Diana.
#17 Posted by Feliciano2040 (654 posts) - - Show Bio

Cover on the right, mos def.

#18 Posted by sifsclub (474 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope old Wonder Woman kicks new Wonder Woman's ass!

#19 Posted by sifsclub (474 posts) - - Show Bio
@kapitein_zeppos said:
  I'm the first to admit that Wonder Woman has a lot of baggage and is generally speaking a very difficult character to do justice to. 
(No I am) 
That's cause she's such a fucking beast. 
#20 Posted by difficlus (10679 posts) - - Show Bio

what lovecraftian horror is Diana fighting on the left?

#21 Posted by B_Heart (152 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking forward to this. I'll probably start picking them up again

#22 Posted by Mutant4life (20 posts) - - Show Bio
@sifsclub said:
I hope old Wonder Woman kicks new Wonder Woman's ass!
Yeah, well I hope new Wonder Woman kicks old Wonder Woman's ass!
#23 Posted by Timandm (3374 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the winner of this fight.  I'm going with Wonder Woman...  :-)

#24 Posted by sifsclub (474 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mutant4life: Well I guess we'll just have to see. MEH! (Also, old Wonder Woman is too beastly to get her ass kicked, although she does seem a bit different than normal.)
#25 Posted by CrimsonTempest (307 posts) - - Show Bio

As a guy who's collected from #600 to now, I'll be waiting to finally complete this story. Through it all, it has provided to be very interesting reading.

#26 Edited by PixelatedNightmare (45 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh how I have missed the good ol Wondy. I grew up knowing and loving her and when the new came out I was like.. "Wait.. whaaa?"
And pants on her.. DO NOT do her justice. In my opinion, her in pants takes away her Amazon beauty.

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