Erica Durance as Wonder Woman (again...sort of)

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Tonight on 'Harry's Law" (If any of you actually watch the show) will have the appearance of the former "Smallville"Actress, Erica Durance (who played Lois Lane on the series) who will play a vigilante who dresses up as Wonder Woman. You notice that it's the same costume that Adriane Palicki wore in the unaired TV pilot of "Wonder Woman", which was developed by Harry's Law creator, David E. Kelly. This is not the first time when Erica donned a Wonder Woman suit, in the Ninth season of Smallville Erica donned a more Amazonian type suit, which worked. Maybe David let it go but Erica makes it work in the Wonder Woman costume, even if it does have the infamous fabric known as PANTS! Check it out, and don't get angry like a poster from another site did, he went berserk!

Erica Durance in "Harry's Law"
Erica Durance in Smallvile

This makes me want to design a Wonder Woman Outfit.

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Erica always looked great in whatever costume she wore. I wonder if this might garner attention for a possible "WW" series again. Plus she did deliver a different Lois that the comics haven't really captured in years. I say if she does get picked to play Diana, "Make it so!"

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Erica would probably make a good wonder woman.

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Erica Durance could definitely be better Wonder Woman than Adrianne Palicki (funny thing that Palicki was in Smallville too, playing fake Kara... let's see the real Kara was much better).

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@GundamHeavyarms said:

Erica would probably make a good wonder woman.

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