Double Standards with costumes

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Why do people hate on Power Girl's boob window, but not Wonder Woman's costume?

The boob window being an actual part of clothing people walk around in, and WW's clothes being something a stripper would wear or something that would be associated with sexual deviancy.

It's not even like their costumes define their characters really (I'm not acknowledging the New 52 PG, who's costume gets destroyed every 5 sec), yet a lot of people say that's all PG and her comics are about so the ask it to be closed or for her boobs to be smaller (effectively turning her into a spunky Supergirl w/ a haircut). How come no on asks for WW to get those pants back?

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Are you serious. There´s loads of hate on WW costume.

While WW costume is not necessarily sexual, it depends on the artist, unfortunately Power Girl and Black Canary really just aren´t justified on any level.

Also, WW often changes styles, maybe trousers, maybe skirt, sometimes just full on warrior garments, her change in styles is almost as iconic as star spangled original.

By the by what do you think of this for a Wonder Woman costume?

Its funny, its from a porn parady, but could totally work, if made less sexual.

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people argue for and against all the iterations of both of their costumes... comic book fans are a whiny bunch...

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You're kidding right? Loads of people on this site alone are calling for them to give her the original N52 look with the pants back. With the news of Zatanna's new costume I think the last dozen posts I've made have been calling for these girls to be given their pants back. In fact, Imma go campaign for them. It's just ridiculous


people argue for and against all the iterations of both of their costumes... comic book fans are a whiny bunch...

This is pretty much true. Comic fans = whiniest b*tches on the planet

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I'd prefer that she wear nothing . . . but perhaps that's just me. . . .

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Mostly an aesthetic thing. The camousal never works if her legs aren't showing so they make a leotard or a skirt.

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You mean this boob window? What issue is this from?

Seriously, could they beee any more blatant?

Even when they were being modest, her costume was getting destroyed all the time. Now I'm not on the "cover PowerGirl" bandwagon or anything, I can see why people, who get upset about this sort of thing might be annoyed. Just don't show them Red Sonja or Spawns hunters or, WitchBlade, or Lady Death, or Vampirella, or take them to the beach or anything like that .. Still I could see someone making a case for DC trolling this issue ...

Still what is the complaint for all this? Our female super heroes not being present as proper role models or something? Sex symbolization in comics?

In all fairness, even "HULK" got covered up!

Huge Fan of this new armor!

Oddly enough, best image I could find online...

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Armour Hulk looks ridiculous

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Armour Hulk looks ridiculous

What you said.

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