Does anyone know anything about this Wonder Woman costume.

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Ben Cooper 1976 (on costume). Box has other various years.

I have seen many Ben Cooper costumes and other Wonder Womans (mostly the one with the mask), but never this specific costume. Does anyone have details they care to share. Thanks in advance.

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Like that.
What I found when looking up some stuff about the costume.

Ohhh boy.

Gonna give you a hint for your next few posts. When you make a post, look for the "Img" tab.

Hit that. Then click URL. Paste the link, into the URL spot. Size it how you prefer.

There you go. Anyway, this is the only image I could really get up that made any kind of sense.

Anyway, did some research on it. Here's one of the things I found. Don't know if it comes from that specific box, but here's something I did find on it.

That in mind, just do a good Google search. "Ben Cooper Play Suit Wonder Woman" should do the trick. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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Thanks for the tips! (FIXED..I think)

Also I have seen the ones with the mask but never the headband, thus I was confused. I googled like crazy and figured maybe someone here knew better places to dig and find details. I really think it was great you took time to help and reply. Lots of respect!!

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