Do you think wonder woman looks fragile?

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So Im just picking up JL #03 and the wonder woman I remember was a large yet sexy woman, the exact idea of what a warrior woman would look like. Now to me she seems like a petite and not to sound sexist, weaker version of herself. And worse after taking that leap forward to put pants on her, theyve got her in a pair of draws again. I'm a straight man, don't get me wrong I can see why they would see apeal for it, but I just think that at least myself, respected her as a character with the new look before the new 52. she seems to be in an inferior form compared to the last.

So what do you think?

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I haven't seen the issue yet but she looks good in her solo title so far:

Wonder Woman #6
Wonder Woman #5
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looks can be deceiving :p

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Yeah I can't argue with that fodigg, great choices to post too. and yeah BB but still I think the presnce of a person or character defines them in nature and I just don't see it in the JL titles. shes just so...petite

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I dunno, she looks good to me :P

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The weird thing is Wonder Girl looks really buff and Wonder Woman looks really slender

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She's seems to be alot younger looking but no she doesn't look fragile.

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she looked really good to me in both series so far

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Depends on the artist. Some draw them without much muscle tone, but everyone still knows they can rip tanks in half and whatnot

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@BlackArmor said:

The weird thing is Wonder Girl looks really buff and Wonder Woman looks really slender

Right? I thought the same thing

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she looks good to me

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I think she looks more buff in JLA than she does in her solo title 

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I agree with you, she looks slimmed down in the JL book, and I don't like her underwear costume. Although she does have a similar look in her self-titled series it somehow looks more like a bathing suit, and besides, she definitely looks, taller, broader and more capable.

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Blame the artist and WW in JL#3 reminds me of Starfire.

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Justice League Wonder Woman is more toned.

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I don't really see a huge difference, other than what different artists might represent

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I like the way she looks in everything posted. I think they made her look good.

I was always under the impression that there was a rift between artists making her overly full whereas she was argued to have a more average physique by the classic standards design. I see sort of a mix of inspiration and tribulation to all eras of Wonder Woman tactfully put into these personally.

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Well - aside from Batman, Booster Gold and the human Green Lanterns pretty much everyone is an alien, so there's no necessary correlation between muscle mass and strength. I mean, I always figured that Kryptonians had just genetically engineered themselves to be built like a brick house. Wonder Woman, being an Amazon, would probably be muscular from all their war-games and whatnot; but at the same time she is sculpted out of clay or born of a god, so who even knows if her body grows muscle from exertion.

She's always been a bit butch for my tastes anyway (yes, I just called a woman in booty-shorts and knee highs "butch"). The stuff she wears looks too much like body armor (lulz).

I thought the specific art in question was fine, for me it's more important that she act strong and tough (be able to break things, take hits) than that she look defined or built.

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The art on the New 52 Wonder Woman does seem to depict her as being a little smallish.

Maybe she should be built like this . . .

Solid, strong and sexy.

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