Diana with magic?

#1 Posted by The_Wind_Dancer (62 posts) - - Show Bio

i was just thinking, and yes it did hurt, now that diana is a demi-goddess, wouldnt it be cool if she got magic!

what do you all think?

#2 Posted by jointron33 (1902 posts) - - Show Bio

She already is magical.

#3 Posted by moywar700 (2775 posts) - - Show Bio

All of her magic are metaphors.Her lasso of truth,braclets of victory,and invisble jet.She can get powered-up by asking the gods for help or taking off her braclets.

#4 Posted by gokuwarrior (4368 posts) - - Show Bio

it'll be great if they give wonder woman energy powers,like sky-father lightnings now that she is a semi-goddess.

#5 Posted by The_Wind_Dancer (62 posts) - - Show Bio

@jointron33: i mean more along the lines of sorcery, kinda like circe

#6 Posted by BlackWind (6307 posts) - - Show Bio

Not really. Diana is a warrior, not a sorceress.

My opinion is the exact same as with Aquaman. Any magic they have should come from their weapons.

#7 Posted by ten4now (15 posts) - - Show Bio

she did have the power to use Zeus lightning bolt before the new 52

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