Diana should be the original Wonder Girl

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I think it's time to fix Wonder Woman history so that she was Wonder Girl when she was a teenager, and then grew up to become a founding member of the JLA. Hippolyta should never have been Wonder Woman except for that time when Diana was dead. The only Golden Age Wonder Woman is on Earth-2. Cassie Sandmark is the second Wonder Girl, and there was never an abomination known as Donna Troy. Starfire could take Donna Troy's place as a founding member of the Teen Titans.

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Incredibly worthless thread.

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Why don't you like Donna, Jade?

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Donna Troy is an inferior copy of Wonder Woman who should never have existed in the first place (she was created as the result of a mistake by an editor who didn't realize that Wonder Girl was actually Diana as a teenager), she has a bland personality, she messed Roy Harper around, she has a new origin every other week, she's totally incompetent (see Infinite Crisis and her disasterous, thankfully very brief tenure as Wonder Woman), and she has some hideous costumes. It really annoys me  that Jade was killed off and this abomination of a character gets to live.

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Her new background every week was eventually fixed (around Wonder Woman vol 2 issue 120).  A lot of issues of Wonder Woman since the reboot show Diana in situations similar to what were golden age appearances of her as Wonder Girl. 

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