Diana-mania vs. Tebow-mania

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As all of you that read my articles know, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to professional sports.  While I may play this up for more than it actually is, it is actually something which I would willfully choose to be ignorant about, if only the media would allow me.  Thus I tend to notice some of the more negative aspects of professional sports without fully appreciating at times the positive ones.  I think in terms of anyone following the news in the past few months that it would be hard to not have heard of Tim Tebow, quarterback and poster child for certain religious sports fans.  Although he is known for his strong faith, perhaps the thing which pushed to national prominence was the pro-life Super Bowl advertisement that he starred in during the Super Bowl half time in 2010.  Of course in comparison to the huge surge of popularity behind him, and not even necessarily for his athletic achievements, it leads one question just the exact importance of someone who is pro-life.  Generally I don’t waste much time thinking about why sports are important to people, but I was going over the Wonder Woman origin in the database today and it occurred to me that there are certain similarities between the two (that is the Perez origin of the character, seeing as the newest version’s complete background is not yet fleshed out.)   In short though Diana’s soul was collected into the cavern of souls after she was murdered by an abusive man while she was still an unborn child.  Later when the time was right she was reborn in a new form, but still the concept of the protection of an unborn life is there.  While this raises some interest in me as to whether Perez meant a deeper meaning with this choice of origin to perhaps reflect his own beliefs (I don’t know what those are by the way) it is also interesting to fathom that Diana might indeed become a recognizable figure for the pro-life crowd in a comic book setting, assuming her origin was well-known (and I think the Perez version was well known as she told numerous reporters.)  Of course a sizable portion of the pro-life side of the argument is associated with religion and specifically Christianity, but nonetheless Diana is proof of an a protected life that went on to great things, so she would likely be a symbol nonetheless.

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Uh-oh.... I see this thread going places. Not good ones.

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Don't watch football, don't care about Football, and sure as heck don't care about Tebow

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Watch football, love football, sure as heck love Tebow.

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@The Stegman: Well he was kind of all over the media in the past few months.  
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@SuperShafe: just to be clear, I wasn't taking a pro or anti-Tebow stance, just noting similarities
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@RazzaTazz: not MY media 
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I didn't think you were taking any stance, i was just putting my love for football and tebow out there.

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@The Stegman: Mr. Purple Nurple Man?

@RazzaTazz: Were you taking a pro or anti something else stance?

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@SuperShafe: Ah fair enough, although I have a very defined stance on this issue, I was not really trying to make the issue define what I wrote
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I've sorted out my believes on this matter for a very long time, and even though I'm considered a member of the Church my thoughts when it comes to Pro-Life/Pro-Choice stances would more than likely rouse many of the other members. In the current state of the world and what history has revealed about mankind and it's actions I find myself being a reluctant supporter of Pro-Choice. It is my personal belief that life begins at conception, so to me going through with an abortion to me is murder; however, there have been countless cases when an unborn child is threatened by health issues starting in the womb or even threatens the life of the mother. Then there are those cases where the mother cannot provide for the child thus putting them at an even greater risk of things like homelessness and starvation.

One of the biggest arguments coming from the church, I hear everyday is that people should accept the consequences for their actions. I honestly believe that so many do not understand that an abortion could very well be one of those consequences. Granted there are those that use abortions as a get out of jail free card, and some of the attitudes of that morally ambiguous mindset are very disgusting, but the majority of the time this not the case because it is the natural instinct of a mother to care for their child. This is why women with miscarriage often experience lasting feelings of guilt afterward.

As far as Tim Tebow goes, I do not fault him for his beliefs even though I don't entirely agree with all of them. I have always felt that the cause behind the Pro-Life stance is very noble, but ignorant in a lot of the ways of the world. I doubt that the Pro-Life stance would ever use Diana as a mascot for the cause (*knock on wood), but if they ever did then I wouldn't fault them for it.

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@Delphic: Well the point more so was that they might inside the universe, not in the real world.  I doubt most people known enough about her origin to know the difference otherwise.
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Love Wonder Woman, hate Tim Teabag *clears throat* Tebow.

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