Department of Metahuman affairs

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Ok I'm not much of a Wonder Woman reader but I was thinking about picking up Wonder Woman: rise of the Olypian and stumbled across the Department of Metahuman Affairs. So I tried to find out more about it but the page and the dc database didn't have any information so is there any Wonder Woman or DC fans in general that are knowledgeable on the subject that could enlighten me?
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Here's the cliff notes: 
1: DMA (Department of Metahuman Affairs), 
2: Wonder Woman works as one of their agents under the alias Diana Prince (well before the "new" Wonder woman emerged) 
----------------She got the job due to her connections with Steve Trevor who is currently the Agency Director, and Batman "creating" her a secret Identity.  
3: They are like the metahuman FBI in the DC Universe (They are a subagency of the DEO) 

4: Her partner is Nemesis (Tom Tresser) and he knows who she is.  

5: Sarge Steel used to run the agency before their headquarters was destroyed so now steve Trevor is personally overseeing the agency.    

Any Questions?

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In theory. 
1:  I know that they had extensive files on Wonder Woman, so it is safe to assume that they have files on the others as well. This would also be supported by the fact that Sarge Steel used to run Checkmate and the Fact that they are a subagency of the DEO (who devote extensive resources on how to catch and kill superman and his allies.)  
2: As far as the suicide squad and Checkmate are concerned Suicide Squad is Amanda Waller's territory so you can imagine the repercussions if they try to spy on her people,  
3: and Checkmate superscedes their authority (due to their international clearance) this was evident when Sasha Bordeaux pulled rank on Sarge Steel when he interfered with one of their Ops.         
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Ok cool. Thanks again this has helped a lot
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If you want more background, a previous version was referenced a lot by John Ostrander in his various books (Firestorm, Suicide Squad).  But thats over twenty years old now. 

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