Dawn French for Wonder Woman ?

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Or Cloris Leachman, or Judi Dench, maybe even Andy Serkis. Rather than keep looking for an actress that has to fill almost impossible red and white boots, why not let technology handle it. One of the best Wonder Women on the screen was the animated one. Why don't we just wait till the technology behind Gollum, Avatar, Tintin etc finally gets it right and we can get some of the best artists to design the perfect CGI Wonder Woman and have a brilliant performer that might not have the required physical characteristics, but definitely has the acting chops to pull it of ? It may take some years, but at least we might get a truly memorable WW.

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Haha. Dawn French is definitely someone I never thought of to be Wonder Woman. Now that I think about it though, I think that would be fun. She's so funny and goofy that she would be fun to watch. It would be like Wonder Woman: After Hours. I think Judi Dench would make a good Hippolyta.

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