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@spinningbirdcake: Smallville was not good the first couple seasons, once you got the cheese, the latter seasons were ok. I think they couldn't do "superman" and had to do "growing into superman" and "red blur" or w/e the eff his nickname was in smallville. I think they should do the same with batman if they want to make a show with him, more batman year one, but that's besides the point. The shows on CW do end up cheesy, and the thing I would like to avoid with a Wonder Woman show would be the stereotypical female treatment of CW, Laurel on Arrow is the perfect example, weak, boring, and all hung up on guys, because that is all women can be. If I even heard Wonder Woman once be like "omg pjs ice cream, i'm so hung up on this airforce guy" that show would get turned off, this is coming from a woman.

But then i sort of agree on CW in general, I'd like to see a HBO or Showtime caliber show, I'd also like an that caliber done for Fables, but you'd have to open the channel up to comic book shows in general first. Kind of like Spartacus Wonder Woman, except not Starz and not Sam Reimi, so I don't have to look at a show supposedly based in a time and place with a lack of plastic surgeons, except every woman has fake breasts on the show.

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@Chibi-Iroh: The Trifecta doesn't mean anything to movies :/ As a woman, wonder woman is one of my faves, not just cause of her vagina, but because she's awesome ( I also like batman maybe even more than wonder woman, but they tie a lot) I think that people wouldn't like a Wonder Woman movie, I would, you would, but the mouth breather masses wouldn't, because to make a movie they'd like it'd have to be tits and explosions. They don't want to learn about Gods, or pantheons, they just want action and explosions, and I watched Thor, thought they did a pretty good job, maybe they could go in that direction, but I think the Hollywood is still base sexist, and isn't ready for Wonder Woman, because imho, I don't want a petite big boobed girl playing her, just because she's some model or two bit actress like ScarJo, I want a real meaty woman, size 12 and up, muscular, but still attractive. I want Amazons to look like Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, and mix in some pretty ones too, but they are still a bad ass warrior race of women, and instead Hollywood would make it, Real House Warriors of Themyscara

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The right time should come soon for a Wonder Woman tv show and Wonder Woman movie. Everything is just a matter of time.

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@jeanroygrant said:

At the moment either Hulk, Thor, Flash, or Aquaman should get there own TV show

The CW did make an Aquaman pilot a few years ago. And it flopped.... horribly.

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@molotovzav: The thing is you can have her fighting gods and monsters, you can make her sexy and feminine while still having her be a hardened warrior capable of kicking anyone's ass. You can have the Amazons be attractive while maintaining their warrior abilities. You don't to take away their femininity just to make them seem like hardened warriors the studio just shouldn't exploit it. She doesn't have to be a meaty woman I always imagined her being curvy yet slender, lean, muscular, and very toned.

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@molotovzav: I just don't like that they went through Superman's entire Rouges Gallery before he even donned the cap and tights and so they didn't really allow him to be Superman at the end of the show. He already was essentially Superman. He's always had the same character ever since he was a kid in Smallville so the greater threats are what seperate his status as Clark in Smallville and Superman in Metropolis. But he moves to Metropolis and fought EVERYONE before he ever became the hero that fought all those villians. It's not "bad" I just didn't like it.

I do agree with how WW should be characterized though. She is independent and so to make her ability to operate as a person completely dependent on her relationship with someone would be a disservice to the character. I think a Fables show would be infinitely better than a WW show. There's almost too much recognition of that character to make a great show. With Fables a lot of people would be experience that universe for the first time and so there would be less barrier for entry rather than coming into WW with the decades of stories that precede the show.

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@Black_Claw said:

@jeanroygrant said:

At the moment either Hulk, Thor, Flash, or Aquaman should get there own TV show

The CW did make an Aquaman pilot a few years ago. And it flopped.... horribly.


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