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I've never read any Wonder Woman before, but I dig adaptions of Greek mythology and I've heard so many great things about her first New 52 arc. G-man's latest review really makes me want to pick it up.

What should I know, both about the actual character and history, and about her New 52 title?

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Short version

WW and Hermes team up to save a woman who is preggers by Zeus from Hera. They take her to Themyscira where they get attcked by Strife, WW learns she is a demi god "Zeus's daughter", and disowns the amazons. From there she meets her half brother and they all team up to use Poseidon and Hades against Hera. Well the plan sorta fails and WW and Ms. Preggers get taken to Hades where Diana kicks ass and saves the baby mama again. Then Hera reaches out to Apollo and Artemis to take out Diana and they try to take her out, but fail and Diana takes off her braclets and goes ape sh!t demi god on their asses. Afterword Ms. Preggers has her baby and Hermies kidnaps him/her and Orion is teasered.

Hope it helps. Great series.

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@Blood1991: pretty nice synopsis

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@KnightRise: I tried to some it up as short as possible, but yeah I feel that those are the most important details.

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Story WW history:

Amazons on Paradise Island were created by Artemis. They all wear bracers on their arms, also given to them by Artemis. WW was originally molded from the magical clay of Paradise Island, given life by the gods and various blessings, making her a powerhouse. (Her earliest incernation had her simply concentrating and using Amazonian mental energy in her body ot make her strong/fast, etc. This is no longer valid.)

Amazons guard a door to Tartarus on the island.

There's is another Amazon tribe that worship Egyptian gods. "Amazons of Bana Migdhall".

WW's costume is based off of a pilot's stars and stripes that became a hero to the Amazons. She crash landed on Paradise Island and saved the queen's bodyguard from a demon. (Extremely summed up version) They mistook the stars and stripes as her battle insignia and had the armor forged in the same scheme to honor her.

WW's bracers allow her to make a barrier, as well as shoot Zeus lightning.

Her lasso is almost as varied as Mjolnir in its powers.

WW's lesser known powers are:

immunity to poison

empanthy with animals (speak to animals)

eyes that can see at high speeds, zoom in and out in the fashion of a hawk, see in the dark, see through illusions

resistance to magic

can merge with the earth and renew herself to heal from almost any injury

There's a whole lot more to know on Wonder Woman. She's a very old character (70 years?) and you could do well to read up on her history.

That being said, the N52 is a perfect place to start reading her.

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