Can wonder woman breathe and fly in space

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the thing that was actually buggin me is...i was just re reading infinite crisis 7.. and in that issue when superboy prime flies towards oa...martian manhunter says something in the lines of " anyone and everyone who can fly, take to the skies"... so almost everyone who can fly follows prime into space.. but later it is shown that wonder woman had stayed behind...along with batman etc.... so..why didnt diana go with the other flyers??

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I think she needs a breathing apparatus to opperate in space for any length of time. Could be wrong though.

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Not sure if there is a consistent application of this (which is true of most heroes) but I think generally yes she does need one.  

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She's been all over the place, either needing a suit or being just fine with a small oxygen mask and in some cases even being able to hold her breath long enough to step out into the ebon sea in the sky. Personally I think she could hold for a few minutes before she starts to feel the effects, with prep I like to think she could last about 15 minutes without external aid before she gets major damage like lungs ripping apart, arteries blowing up, blood boiling etc ...

As for flying, I don't see why not as it's magical flight.

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@kapitein_zeppos: In the silver age she would routinely fly her invisible plane into space and occasionally get out on the wings, I think it really depends on the story that is being told, though generally I think that she does need one.  The application of this is a little off anyway as for instance Captain Atom has occasionally been shown to use a space suit where it is almost always accepted that he doesnt need one

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