Can someone show me wonder woman speed feats

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how fast is she how fast is she in battle, is it a regular thing or something that happened a few times so it can be discarded as PIS

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no WW expert?

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Straight off wikipedia: Hermes the messenger god of speed, granted Diana superhuman speed and the ability to fly. By concentrating, Diana can mystically defy the laws of gravity and propel herself through the air to achieve flight. She is capable of flying at speeds approaching half the speed of light. She is swift enough to deflect bullets, lasers, and other projectiles with her virtually impenetrable bracelets. Her brain can process information at an incredibly fast rate.

She fought Superman when Supes was under Maxwell Lord's control and he was trying to kill her so she's up there in speed. There was a JLA issue where she ran alongside the Flash ubtil he turned up the speed and was gone. But in the new 52, no idea what she can or can't do.

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how fast is she how fast is she in battle, is it a regular thing or something that happened a few times so it can be discarded as PIS

Wonder Woman's speed in battle is arguably second only to the flash.... Feats supporting this have been very consistant since 1986. She is generally acceped as being faster then superman in combat reaction time....Many factors contribute to her speed in combat. Her speed is a combination of her training and sensitivity to her surroundings to name two, not just the movement of her muscles. For example moments after being completly blinded she is still able to fight. After a few hours\Days of being blinded she can defelect bullets effortlessly. She was even able to defeat ZOOM while blinded.

She can basically deflect any on coming projectiles using her speed no matter how numerus the barrage.

She is clearly faster than superman in combat if look at the fight they had in Wonder Woman 219. superman missed every punch thrown accept of the innitial one when he grabbed her..... and She landed every single attack she made on him.

She is clearly faster than power girl for prettly much the same reason. Power girl did not land many punches.

No feats yet for the new 52 version Wonder Woman but I am sure they will remain the same. I will post some scans as I find them

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