'Blackest Night: Wonder Woman' #1 of 3 Reviewed

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How does the Wonder Woman tie in measure up?

' Blackest Night: Wonder Woman' #1 of 3
Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Nicola Scott
The issue opens up really strong with a great narrative. Greg Rucka's run on Wonder Woman was great anyway. I believe that is the general consensus amongst Wonder Woman fans, so seeing him return to pen the character is a pleasure since he does such a good job with Diana's characterization. Rucka manages to maintain a perfect balance between the aspect of her that is warrior as well as her sensitivity. No doubt, Wonder Woman is not an easy character to write, and Rucka does it very well. 
Artist Nicola Scott draws one of the most gorgeous images of Wonder Woman I have ever seen, capturing both Diana the warrior as well as Diana's femininity. I have often seen artists struggle with this concept. How do you portray Wonder Woman as an Amazon warrior without sacrificing her sex appeal and femininity that are so much an aspect of who she is? Nicola Scott achieves with incredible ease. There is a gorgeous two page spread that recounts several major moments in her character's life- bridging together moments of death and devastation from her past, the the inevitable confrontation between she and Maxwell Lord. Scott has amazing artistic storytelling capabilities which are evident in this book. 
The setting is in Washington, D.C. at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There is a great panel that captures Diana's strength and speed where she manages to block Maxwell's bullet from harming a soldier. If you read the issue, then you probably know the panel sequence I am referring to. The line "all aboard the Ted Kord express" was priceless too, so kudos to Rucka for the humor. 
While the characterization is great, and I really did enjoy most of Rucka's writing in this; the dialogue and interaction between Diana and Maxwell does become repetitive after the first few pages. The issue fails to deliver a very climactic ending, and it is just a bit too predictable for my taste. Will I pick up the second issue? To be honest, I am not compelled. If I pick up issue #2 it will be because I love Wonder Woman, not because I anticipate what happens next. 
3 out of 5
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Did you just release a review like three seconds after Gman?
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Is there some reason the reviews are being done at your individual homes??

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@sora_thekey: I filmed over the weekend
@HaloKing343: No. not like 3 seconds
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Wonder Woman was an enjoyable read, it just didn't compell me to come back for issue two.

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@Babs said:
" @sora_thekey: I filmed over the weekend"
Oh... Wait so how long does it take for you guys to edit your reviews?
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@sora_thekey: depends on the review.
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@Clara Mass said:
" Wonder Woman was an enjoyable read, it just didn't compell me to come back for issue two. "
I always say that no matter how much the art or the writing sucks, if it has a good cliffhnger leaving you to want and read the next issue then it's a good comic book!
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I prolly won't pick up this book. I've never been a fan of Wonderwoman and this comic only got a three out of five so I guess it's not worth it for guys like me who don't care about the character.
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@HaloKing343 said:
"I prolly won't pick up this book. I've never been a fan of Wonderwoman and this comic only got a three out of five so I guess it's not worth it for guys like me who don't care about the character. "

You have to remember that although Babs gave a great review, its your opinion that counts.
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Don't read Wonder Woman too often but the art and the writing was excellent. I'd love it if she was the artist for WW #600! 
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Oh, good. I was looking forward to this getting a review. I really wanted to know what would be the premise of Wonder Woman's story since it took so long for her to be included in the over riding theme of the DC Universe and the Blackest Night. At the very least she gets three books. Contrast that to Catwoman's single book.
I noticed that about the art. There is a balance to hit between feminine and alluring, but still looking strong. That's something I always admire about Fred Perry's work. He draws very sexy, but strong women.
Of course book one isn't going to have a climatic ending. Think of this as more like an act in a play. This is only Act 1. Though you have seen the book and probably know something I don't. I bow to your knowledge there.

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I'm curious to see where they go with this. You already know how I feel about the ending of this issue, and like you I felt it started off really strong but seemed to run out of gas about midway through. As a Wonder Woman fan I enjoyed the issue, but wish the DCU would put a little more effort into her stories so that the casual reader would have a reason to pick up her series.

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 This issues was good but i'm hoping the othe 2 well better.

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 That's disappointing to hear. :(

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This one was good, but yeah that cliff hanger sucked. their whole confrontation was kind of boring. they should have dome something more allong the lines of her wrapping her laso around his neck and snapping it, and that actually severing him cuz the lasso is powerful. 
 I think that would have been a powerful, meaningful story.

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NIce art though!

#17 Posted by Mbecks14 (2029 posts) - - Show Bio

eh weak tie in. not so into the whole patriotic wonder woman thing. but i like rucka's writing and i loved the art!!

#18 Posted by Vance Astro (91548 posts) - - Show Bio

<-------Doesn't want Wonder Woman in Blackest Night.....

#19 Posted by Xion (247 posts) - - Show Bio

This issue was meh, but hopefully it gets better on the next issue

#20 Posted by Obsurity (262 posts) - - Show Bio

That was a gorgeous cover but it doesn't really appeal to me.
#21 Posted by crazywolf (625 posts) - - Show Bio

Like Nic Scott's art. Probably check this out.

#22 Posted by drawme (423 posts) - - Show Bio

The cover looks so damn great!!!

#23 Posted by RedRyan (121 posts) - - Show Bio

I really enjoyed this at least WW is getting her own BN mini,she's supposed to be one of the DC trinity but she was all but ignored during Final Cisis.The Nicola Scott art is amazing it;s the best rendition of WW I can remember.WW has always been a character of contradictions and Rucka brings that out well in his writing,she keeps her emotions in check but we also see her wielding a battleaxe and showing her warrior side.Nice trick with the lasso, Maxwell Lord getting his a$$ kicked, honestly whats not to like?...Oh the ending..nearly forgot.I agree with most people it was a little flat , I think that's because it had to tie in with events elsewhere but the promise of a rematch with Max and Black Lantern WW must be at least a little tempting... 

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I am so excited for this issue - I haven't read it yet! I just finished issue four of Blackest Night.  
Despite your review about this not being the "cliffhanger type", I'm still pumped to read it :] Mostly because the animation is amazing, and I LOVE Wonder Woman :D
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Nicola Scott draws this!?  
That ALONE has me sold. She cannot do wrong in mine eyes. ;)
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I don't really read Wonder Woman comics, but I'm gonna pick this one up. Maxwell Lord looks awesome as a Black Lantern.
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I never seen someone put down their on video review during the review. 
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people need to remember that the reason this comic didn't have that much to do is because the next two issues feature the big change that she receives in Blackest Night #5
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I'm guessing 2009 is zombie year since every major company has a zombie in their comics. and then 2010 is Wolf year, and 2011 is Vampire year 

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@N15PCA said:
" I never seen someone put down their on video review during the review.  "
I'm relatively insecure
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horrible storyline but good cover art

#32 Posted by theevilhotdog (88 posts) - - Show Bio

you are a bad reviewer

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@Babs -- Spot on review.   I read this last night and agree with all the points you raised. It should've ended earlier, the artwork rocks and the writting is strong (other than the unfortunate timing at the end).  
The history of Wonder Woman does offer some great opportunities here and I really hope #2 picks up. I'll be on board for this.

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