Best Wonder Woman stories for new readers?

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Recently I saw someone say that most people didn't like Wonder Woman due to ignorance, while I do like Wonder Woman a bit as a character I still felt that it sort of applies to me. You see I don't really get Wonder Woman mostly because I simply haven't read a lot of stories starring her. I mean I've read lots of stories where she's sort of around but the only story I've read where she felt like the main character was a single story in an JLA run story Golden Perfect(I thought it was pretty good.)

So anyway, I'm looking to learn more about the best WW stuff so I came here asking for recommendations, and honestly I can't get this new search to work right so sorry if this thread is redundant.

(Note, if I don't respond it's not me being rude it's me being asleep. >.> )

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I am no expert but...

The Heikita (Greg Rucka)

The Circle (Gail Simone)

Stoned (Greg Rucka)

Who is Wonder Woman (Allen Heinberg)

Are great stories to read. Some older great stories are

Gods and Mortals (George Perez)

Beauty and the Beasts (George Perez)

Her current title is interesting too.

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Why not to catch up the trades of Azzarello's present run... Thats's the New canon

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@lilben42: Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be sure to order some of those with my next trade batch. :)

@nahuel said:

Why not to catch up the trades of Azzarello's present run... Thats's the New canon

I was thinking of doing that, but I wanted to make sure fans liked it first.

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@decoy_elite: I love Azzerello's book. I would definitely recommend it.

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@decoy_elite: In regards to Azzarello's run; it is very divisive amongst fans, either they hate it or they love it. That said, people who hate it is generally upset about the changes that's been done rather than the story itself.

That said, the list above is pretty good. As an introduction, the Perez reboot is probably the best, chiefly because it really is a WW 101 for the Post-Crisis era, where as Azzarello's begins 5 years into her career, meaning it hits the ground running and we are learning about her past along with Diana. But on the other hand Azzarello's take is the new status quo for the character and just a really good story (when compared to regular comicbook affairs).

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I agree with @decoy_elite for the most part. I've enjoyed the Azzarello run, though I don't think it's necessarily the best introduction to the character and what makes her tick. The Perez reboot (Gods and Mortals is the best, but all of the first 24 issues are top notch) is the best starting place to get a sense of the character. It's really spectacular and, in my opinion, absolutely definitive.

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Okay so I think I'll get the Perez reboot and then the new 52 run. Check out some of the other stories lilben mentioned along the way.
Once again thanks for the help guys, can't wait to learn more about good ol' Wondy.

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Azzarello's current run is pretty good.

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@decoy_elite: perez run,then ruka,then simone,then if you want read arazzello,but if you become a fan of perez,ruka ansd simone,you will probably hate arazzello's run,arazzello's version isn't wonder woman the hero/warrior that we used to see.

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