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So,does anyone know if she is getting one like everyone else has?

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OK,let she lift earth

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@herrweis said:

So,does anyone know if she is getting one like everyone else has?

I get the feeling you'll need to wait until the next group of annuals. I think they'd maybe announce them all at the same time.

Maybe she'll get one next time, and maybe there'll be a Batwoman one too. :)

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Since Cliff was absent for 3 issues him hoping that we get one in June.

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There should be one coming

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I have a couple of the other annuals of different titles and they don't really seem to be "One and Done" kinds of stories which annuals should be about. These Annuals have tied into the over all plot of the main book so my question would be what would a Wonder Woman Annual feature since Azzarello has such a tight grip on the series and it's direction, what would there be to expound upon from this series that he hasn't already planned out until issue 25 or more? It would almost have to be a "One and Done" story to fill the pages perhaps another chapter from her youth like the Zero issue or perhaps one of the themes from the Justice League comic like filling in the relationship with Steve Trevor or a missing nuance from her relationship with Clark..

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